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What is depression? Most of us have had some periods of time in our lives when we have felt at least mild depression. Sometimes the feelings are linked to disappointments or losses, sometimes they are more like black moods descending upon us, not obviously linked to any event, and then dissipating after a while. Depression … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia is generally regarded as one of the most significant illnesses treated by mental health services. Its significance lies in the profound impact of the illness on sufferers and their families and friends. The illness is long term and treatment is usually ongoing. The person with schizophrenia may suffer relapses in the condition if medication … Continue reading

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Substance Use

Human beings have used brain and mental state altering substances from the beginning of civilization. Alcohol was probably the earliest drug used, from accidentally consuming fermenting fruit and grain. There is archaeological evidence to indicate the early use of substances like cannabis, opiates and cocaine too. The consequences and costs of alcohol must have become … Continue reading

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What is Anxiety? All of us have experienced anxiety in some form or another: – We get nervous before an exam or an important event such as speaking in public. – We worry over finances, or whether we will miss the plane when the taxi turns up late. – We feel anxious when our child … Continue reading

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