Inquiries, interviews, film & photography

For all media inquiries, requests to interview patients or staff members, and requests to film or take photographs on any BHB property, you must first contact the BHB Public Relations Department.

Anna Nowak, VP Public Relations
Telephone: (441) 239-2104
Cell: (441) 331-0011

Condition Checks

Members of the media can call for condition checks if a patient is at the hospital. A condition check can only be provided, however, if the correct name of the patient is provided.

During the week, the Public Relations Department will handle all condition checks. In the evening and at weekends condition checks will be responded to by the Evening/Night Coordinator or Nurse in Charge. Other types media inquiries, even out-of-hours, should always be directed to the Public Relations team.

When phoning for a condition check, one of the following conditions will be provided:

  1. “critical”,
  2. “fair”,
  3. “stable”
  4. “satisfactory”

In order to preserve patient confidentiality, no other data related to a patient’s medical condition can be released.

With forensic or VIP cases where security or legal proceedings are involved, restrictions apply over and above those demanded by ethics and release of information is usually controlled by the appropriate authority outside BHB.