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Acute Community Mental Health Service

Acute Community Mental Health Service

Ground Floor, MWI

8:45am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Tel: (441) 249-3432

24-hour Mental Health Crisis Line: (441) 239-1111


This service (sometimes referred to as the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic) provides assessment and treatment for adults diagnosed with major depressive and bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and other psychological disorders.

The service also operates a crisis intervention team, which responds to after-hours mental health crises, and features crisis resolution and early intervention care approaches. Liaison psychiatric services are provided to patients in KEMH.

The following document outlines what is expected of all registered medical practitioners and other health professionals when treating and caring for patients with a mental disorder.

Mental Health Act Code of Practice

Acute Inpatient Services

Acute Inpatient Services

First floor, MWI

Somers Ward: 12pm to 8pm daily
Somers Annex: 6pm to 8pm weekdays, 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm weekends and public holidays

Somers Ward Tel: (441) 249-3256
Somers Annex Tel: (441) 249-3260


Acute Inpatient Services recognises that the admission of a family member for inpatient care may be a stressful time for others in the family. We hope the information provided here will be helpful in answering your questions.

Somers Annex Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit is a secure area for newly admitted patients who need close observation and behavioural control. Patients admitted to this unit are typically transferred to the less restrictive Somers Ward as soon as their mental state allows.

Somers Ward Acute Admission Unit is a short-term psychiatric care unit in an open environment. Patients of all ages and both sexes who require observation, assessment and treatment may be admitted.

Shortly after admission, each patient is assigned a primary nurse and an associate nurse who will be responsible for their daily care. These are the people to contact with any questions you may have about your relative’s care. You may also arrange to discuss your relative’s care with his or her psychiatrist by calling the medical secretary at (441) 236-3770 ext 3251.

The nurses are part of the patient’s multidisciplinary care team, along with the resident doctor, clinical psychologist, mental welfare officers and psychiatric social worker, as well as vocational rehab, occupational and recreational therapists. The team is headed by the patient’s consultant psychiatrist. It may be helpful to make note of the names of all team members.

Information to know for Somers Annex and Somers Ward

  • Visitors are restricted to two (2) at a time.
  • No children under 16 are allowed on Somers Annex. No children under 12 are permitted on Somers Ward except by prior arrangement with ward staff.
  • During admission, and in the patient’s presence, a nurse will go through the patient’s belongings and complete a list of property and valuables. We strongly advise that valuables such as jewellery and large sums of money be taken by relatives for safekeeping. If the patient decides to retain money or other valuables, they do so at their own risk.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the ward or annex.
  • Sharp instruments and other potentially harmful items, such as knives, razor blades and glass objects, are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not permitted on hospital property.
  • Radios and CD players can be disruptive to other patients. Only electronic devises such as MP3 players with headphones are allowed.
  • Somers Ward only: cellphones and laptops can be used at staff’s discretion, depending on the patient’s mental state. The patient is responsible for the safety and security of these items and will not be compensated if they are lost.