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Occupational Therapy

MWI Occupational Therapy

Fairview Court, MWI

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and by appointment

Tel: (441) 236-3770 ext 3380 or ext 3381


MWI occupational therapists (OTs) work within the following teams:

  • Community Mental Health Rehabilitation
  • Acute Community Mental Health
  • Adult Mental Health Inpatient Services
  • Continuing Care Services
  • Child & Adolescent Services
  • Intellectual Disability Programme

Occupational therapists assist people to live more productive and enjoyable lives by achieving and maintaining the necessary skills.

Occupational therapy interventions, individual and/or group work, and focus on the areas of work, rest and leisure.

An occupational therapist begins with using a comprehensive assessment to identify with the person their abilities and limitations. This enables them to identify any issues caused by their own experience of mental health problems that may be preventing them from fully engaging in their chosen occupations.

A programme is agreed between the OT and the client and is designed to meet their needs. A programme may incorporate many different activities and could include: assistance in gaining or maintaining independent living skills such as budgeting, shopping or cooking; placement within sheltered employment (vocational rehab); assistance in accessing employment within the community; assistance in gaining and maintaining a wide range of living opportunities, such as leisure activities or volunteering; assistance to engage in other community resources; and assistance to link to other/educational and recreational activities.

MWI Occupational Therapy Guide


MindFrame PhotoVoice Exhibition

MindFrame started as an art exhibition in 2007. PhotoVoice was introduced in 2009. The project encourages clients to express themselves through art and photography, and provides them with training and field trips. Follow-up sessions give the participants a chance to discuss their art and what it means.

Stronger Living Group

The Stronger Living Group allows our clients to participate in community activities on a regular basis. Clients meet once a month at Rock Island to make plans for activities they would like to do. Activities may include rock climbing, salsa dancing, Middle-to-End walk, kayaking, golf, tennis, fishing, movies and concerts.

The group helps clients to develop social skills, confidence and improved self esteem, and try activities they may not engage in by themselves. It is hoped that clients in this group will develop the skills and confidence necessary to engage in community activities independently.


MWI Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy is available to the Community Mental Health Rehabilitation team, Acute Community Mental Health team, Adult Mental Health Inpatient Services, Continuing Care Services, Child & Adolescent Services, Intellectual Disability Programme and Turning Point.

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential. It uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

The physiotherapist first completes a detailed assessment of the client and creates a problem list, from which a treatment plan can be agreed with the client. Within the treatment plan, specific goals are set with the client in order to monitor any changes in condition.

A personalised programme is developed with each client to improve mobility, function and safety, and can be modified as progress is made. The programme may include activities such as gym sessions, walking and home exercise programmes, manual therapy, gait training and safety advice.

The Client Wellness Group is a programme developed by physiotherapy alongside the occupational therapists for clients to help improve their lifestyles and make positive health choices.

Clinical Dietitian

MWI Clinical Dietetic Services

A registered clinical dietitian is located at MWI. They provide nutrition screening, assessment, intervention and counselling for both outpatients and inpatients, helping clients adapt to diets appropriate to their individual health needs, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.

Speech Therapy

MWI Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy is offered to our paediatric, adult and geriatric clients. With a physician’s referral, we provide consultation, assessment and therapy to those with need in the area of oral speech, general language functioning, alternative communication and swallowing.