Health Information Management Services (HIMS) | Bermuda Hospitals Board

Ground Floor, General Wing, KEMH

8am to 4pm Monday to Friday

Tel: (441) 239-1483 Fax: (441) 236-0414


Health Information Management Services (HIMS) plays an important role in protecting the confidentiality and security of patient information.

Located both at KEMH and MWI, our teams serve as a resource for patient medical information. We support the needs of medical and administrative staff for direct patient care and operational needs.

In addition, we serve individuals in the community by providing personal health information for many uses:

  • Transfer and travel records
  • Verification of service for insurance reimbursement
  • Legal hearings
  • Documentation of patient Living Will and Organ Donation decisions.

An authorisation form to release information is required, and a small fee for photocopies is assessed based on the volume of material needed. We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to comply with requests. The release form, proof of identity and receipt of payment are required when picking up photocopied records.

If you have questions, are unsure what medical records you need, or would like more information regarding the process of receiving your medical records, please contact us by calling 239-1483 during normal business hours.

Download authorisation form for release of medical information.

Steps for Requesting Your Records

  1. To complete the form, click the link above and print the form.
  2. Fill in the form with pen, printing clearly.
  3. Bring the form, along with proof of identification, to HIMS to submit your request.
  4. A fee will be assessed and you will be sent to the cashier for payment.
  5. When notified that your documents are ready to pick up, bring the receipt along with the form and your identification back to HIMS to pick up your documents.

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are not kept in your medical record, even if you were born at KEMH. Please contact the Bermuda Government Registry General’s Office for information on how to receive your birth certificate.

The Registry General
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM 12
Tel: (441) 297-7739