Continuing Care & Seniors | Bermuda Hospitals Board

Cooper Long Term Care Unit and Perry Long Term Care Unit, 4th Floor, General Wing, KEMH
Gordon Long Term Care Unit, 3rd Floor, General Wing, KEMH

Visiting hours 12pm to 8pm

Cooper Unit Tel: (441) 239-1435
Gordon Unit Tel: (441) 239-1447
Perry Unit Tel: (441) 239-1487


We provide residents with comprehensive skilled nursing services and assistance with activities of daily living in safe, caring and supportive environments. Long-term care includes an extensive array of social and recreational activities to help residents live as active, dignified and independent a life as possible. Our goal is to foster a sense of family and community for our residents.

Residents have access to a variety of in-house services, including psychology, occupational and physical therapy, social work, and speech pathology.

Our Standards

We strive to deliver the finest care in comfortable settings, and we are recognised within our community for both quality and compassion. Our efforts are guided by a stringent set of internal standards that enhance the care we provide, including:

  • Fostering patient/resident independence
  • Preserving dignity and respect
  • Providing personalised service, treatment plans and goals
  • Protecting patient/resident privacy
  • Nurturing the spirit while fostering individuality
  • Encouraging open communication and participation of family and friends
  • Collaborating with local community services groups and agencies who specialise in meeting the needs of seniors and sub-acute patients

Our Team

Quality care means achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients and residents. Our team of interdisciplinary professionals, who have special training in caring for seniors and those with short-term rehabilitation needs, includes physicians and nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, pharmacists, dietitians and nutritionists, social workers, chaplains, an activities coordinator, and patient and staff educators. Together we ensure that the appropriate level of care is provided at all times.

Our Patients

We provide treatment and care for persons with low potential for recovery who are not in an acute phase of illness, but require an intensity of services that are not available in nursing homes.

Our Resident Family Council meetings provide ample opportunities for teaching and giving support for patients, families and significant others.

Geriatric Assessment Programme

Hospitalised seniors who can no longer live independently are assessed by a team that includes the programme manager of Long Term Care, a physician, a medical social worker, a psychologist, a district nurse, a representative of the National Office for Seniors and Disabled, plus representatives of two government nursing homes to determine appropriate services and placement. They may receive home care or placement in the KEMH Long Term Care Unit or in a nursing home.

Referrals are made through your physician.

If we can answer any of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact the medical social worker for Long Term Care at (441) 239-1453.