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Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI)

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24-hour Mental Health Crisis Line: (441) 239-1111


The Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) is pleased to have a mental health plan for Bermuda.

But we can’t do it alone! Everyone needs to be involved to help people with mental health issues recover, whether you are a client, related to someone with mental health issues, a partner organisation or a member of the Bermuda community. Your involvement, understanding and caring are vital if we are to truly help our friends, colleagues and neighbours recover from mental illness.

MWI is the sole psychiatric hospital in Bermuda. We provide hospital and community-based care in the following areas:

While MWI has made great progress in deinstitutionalising the population with mental illness in Bermuda, much work remains to be done. The effort to provide care to citizens with mental illness focuses too much of the resources toward institutionalisation and not on a community-based approach. The result has been a ‘revolving door’ of clients being institutionalised and returning to the community to find too little support, then reentering an institution.

MWI has devised an approach that focuses on patient-centred care in the community based on implementing recommendations provided by outside experts as well as following best practices and models of care from the US and UK respectively. This is outlined in our MWI Directorate Plan 2021-2026.

At the heart of our Plan is the “recovery model”. This model ensures that the “I” in communIty has a voice in the mental health plan. The four key goals of the Plan are:

  1. Transition outpatient and long term care into the community and close the MWI site in the long term
  2. Ensure active patient participation in our services using the recovery model
  3. Use a needs-based approach to care that ensures people get care at the right time and place and from the right provider
  4. Challenge the stigma and discrimination associated with MWI services

Read more about our mental health plan:

Did you know?

  • There is a walk-in clinic at MWI for people who feel they need help from a mental health specialist.
  • MWI provides community support to people who have experienced enduring mental illness as they are resettled into various community living settings.

If you need us, we’re here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Useful Links

  • The Mental Health Act Code of Practice outlines what is expected of all registered medical practitioners and other health professionals when treating and caring for patients with a mental disorder.

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Mental Health Programme

Mental Health Programme

The Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute’s Mental Health Programme is designed to provide comprehensive clinical treatment services to the people of Bermuda without regard to financial means, race, religion or sexual orientation. It also offers mental health education to the community at large through employers, schools and community organisations. City and Guilds Accreditation allows MWI to offer courses for nursing aides so they can obtain Certification of Competence to Care for our Intellectual Disability Programme patients, without having to go to the United Kingdom for this certification.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists from the United Kingdom has accredited MWI as a teaching hospital, therefore junior doctors can use one year of employment at MWI rotating through the four specialties as credit toward their clinical placements to become psychiatrists.

MWI has received accreditation awards from the Accreditation Canada dating back to the 1970s. Regular surveys take place to determine whether our service delivery is at a level comparable in quality to that of a Canadian hospital of similar size and population.