Board Members

The Bermuda Hospitals Board has the responsibility for the stewardship of the hospital and to oversee the conduct of the business of the Board. The Board’s fundamental objectives are to enhance and preserve long-term value, to ensure the hospital meets its obligations on an ongoing basis and that the hospital operates in a reliable and safe manner. In performing its functions, the Board should also consider the legitimate interests of others such as employees, and the members of the public may have in the hospital. In overseeing the conduct of the business, the Board, through the Chief Executive Officer, shall set the standards of conduct for the organisation.

Voting Members

Terry Faulkenberry

Terry Faulkenberry

Mr Faulkenberry was appointed Board chair in 2022. He has been in the financial services industry for the past 25 years in real estate financing, banking and reinsurance. Mr Faulkenberry has master’s degrees in both business administration and exercise physiology, and held teaching positions at Duke University and the University of Houston. He is the founder of the Live Healthy Bermuda Foundation, which launched Bermuda’s first 100-day fitness challenge, attracting over 2,000 participants. He is a former member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Mr Faulkenberry was appointed to the Board in 2017 and is also the chair of BHB’s Finance Committee.  

Committees: Executive Committee; Executive Compensation Subcommittee; Finance and Audit Committee; Pensions Subcommittee

Kathy-Ann Swan

Deputy Chair
Kathy-Ann Swan  


Committees: Governance and Risk Committee 

Ricky Brathwaite, BHeC

CEO, Bermuda Health Council
Ricky Brathwaite PhD 

Dr Brathwaite is the acting CEO and director of health economics for the Bermuda Health Council, where he supports local and international efforts to improve care quality and reduce costs through the evaluation of new payment and service delivery models. Dr Brathwaite brings to the Board over 15 years of experience in healthcare economics research, health systems engineering and bioengineering in the public and private sectors both in Bermuda and the US. He continues to conduct and present research related to the social, economic and system issues that impact health outcomes for various communities.

Committees: Finance and Audit Committee 

Tameisha Matthew


Committees: TBA  

Hannah Murray


Committees: TBA

Matthew Pifer

Matthew Pifer  

Mr Pifer is the general counsel and a senior vice president of The OIL Group of Companies in Bermuda. He is also the company secretary and heads up its Compliance and Group Claims operations. He is a qualified lawyer in the US, admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court, and various federal and state courts. Prior to joining The OIL Group in 2016, he was in private law practice for 25 years, advising international clients on insurance and reinsurance matters, risk management, and related issues. He received his law degree from Tulane University, graduating Cum Laude. Mr Pifer joined the Board in 2020.

Committees: Governance and Risk Committee

David Pugh


Committees: TBA

Dr Michael Richmond, Chief of Staff

Michael Richmond MD

Dr Richmond was appointed chief executive officer and president of BHB on 1 August 2020, having joined as chief of staff in August 2017. As CEO and president, Dr Richmond reports to the Board chair and is responsible for the strategy and operations of the entire organisation, which encompasses medical, senior care, mental health services, a range of outpatient services and all support functions. Prior to joining BHB, Dr Richmond served as chief medical officer at Hamad Medical Corporation and chief executive officer of Hamad Medical Corporation’s Women’s Hospital in Qatar. He brings to BHB extensive knowledge of healthcare and hospital management. Dr Richmond obtained his medical degree from the University of Aberdeen and specialised in anaesthetics at the Royal College of Anaesthetists in the UK and College of Anaesthetists Ireland.

Committees: Executive Committee; Programme Steering Group; Governance and Risk Committee; Risk Management Subcommittee; Medical Staff Committee; Human Resources and Engagement Committee 

Dr Edward Schultz

Edward Schultz MD 

Dr Schultz is the former chief of Emergency and Hyperbaric Services for Bermuda Hospitals Board, having retired in 2018. He first joined BHB in 1988 as director of Emergency Services. A Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) since 1990, Dr Schultz is board certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine and undersea and hyperbaric medicine. In addition to his membership in ACEP, he is a member of the American College of Physicians and the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Dr Schultz has also served as Bermuda’s Emergency Medical Services medical director since 2015.

Committees: Executive Committee; Governance and Risk Committee; Human Resources and Engagement Committee

Ianthia Simmons-Wade MP


Committees: TBA

Ex Officio (Voting)

Lisa Sheppard, BHCT

Executive Director, Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation
Lisa Sheppard  

Ms Sheppard was appointed executive director of the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation (BHCF) – formerly the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust – in 2017 after serving as the charity’s development director from 2016. She is responsible for fundraising for BHCF and BHB initiatives. Ms Sheppard was a reporter for The Royal Gazette and Bermuda Sun, a broadcast journalist, and an anchor for the Bermuda Broadcasting Company. She ran a bereavement counselling practice in Canada before returning to Bermuda.

Committees: Human Resources and Engagement Committee

Portrait photo of Patrick Cerra, President, Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda

President, Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda
Patrick Cerra  

Mr Cerra was elected president of the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda in 2022. His career in information technology spans three decades, most of which was building and managing the development of satellite business systems for a large international satellite company. Mr Cerra came to Bermuda in 2000 as the company’s vice president of Bermuda operations. He joined the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda in 2005, volunteering in the Pink Café and with the Overseas Family Help Service. He has served on the charity’s executive committee since 2018.

Committees: TBA

Ex Officio (Non-Voting)

Dr Ayoola Oyinloye

Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health
Ayoola Oyinloye MD

Dr Oyinloye was appointed chief medical officer for the Department of Health in 2020. He previously served as the deputy director of public health and consultant in public health for Swindon Borough Council in the United Kingdom. Dr Oyinloye is an experienced epidemiologist and was steeped in managing the pandemic in his UK community. He trained as a doctor at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and had his postgraduate training at the Universities of Ibadan and Liverpool (UK). Dr Oyinloye is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (UK).

Committees: TBA

Dr Jennifer Attride-Stirling

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health
Jennifer Attride-Stirling PhD  

Dr Attride-Stirling is the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health. Prior to this she was chief executive officer of the Bermuda Health Council from 2009 to 2015. Dr Attride-Stirling has worked at the regulatory body for the National Health Service in England and Wales, and taught at the London School of Economics, where she obtained her doctoral degree in 1998. Dr Attride-Stirling has an executive diploma in strategic management from the Chartered Management Institute, UK, and has completed the Flagship Course on Health System Strengthening and Sustainable Financing from the Harvard School of Public Health & World Bank. She has published papers on health regulation, health promotion, mental health and research methodology.

Dr Wesley Miller

Chief of Staff, Bermuda Hospitals Board
Wesley Miller MD  

Dr Miller was appointed chief of staff in January 2021 after serving as chief of surgery since 2007. Dr Miller leads BHB’s team of medical and support personnel in the most senior medical role at BHB, and is responsible for the supervision of medical and dental care given to patients and residents in BHB facilities. He ensures patient safety, sound clinical governance and building positive relations with the physician community. Dr Miller has more than three decades of experience as an otolaryngologist and ear, nose and throat surgeon in Jamaica, Ireland, UK and Bermuda.

Committees: Medical Staff Committee