Continuing Medical Education Calendar

Continuing Medical Education (CME) offers a wide range of learning opportunities for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in the hospital and in the community. These programmes are designed to keep pace with advances in medicine, technology and research, and changes in the healthcare environment. A calendar of learning lunches, classes and other events is posted below. Please check back regularly for updates.

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May 19 - May 22
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    MWI Professional Seminar

    12:30 -13:30
    Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Main Conference Room
    53 Devon Spring Rd, Bethaven, Bermuda

    Topic: Deprivation of Liberties Legislation

    Speaker: Dr Alick Bush, Clinical Psychologist, Bermuda Hospitals Board

    Date/Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm on Monday 22 May 2017

    Location: 1st Floor Conference Room, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute


    Brown-bag lunch can be brought into the CME.

    Minimum of 50 minutes is required for participation.

    Certificates from previous weeks may be collected before or after the lecture from the binder at the desk.


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