A Technical Career in Healthcare

From Your Future 2020 magazine:

Bermudian students with an interest in the trades have an opportunity to grow with the Bermuda Hospitals Board in the Facilities Department

A career in the healthcare industry is not limited to the doctors and nurses that you see on the front line working to ensure you have quality care.  Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) has a dedicated team that work tirelessly in the background to ensure the highest standards of healthcare are afforded to our community.

If you have an interest in the trades and in technology, BHB’s facilities team could be a great career choice for you.  Although the hard working individuals in this department are behind the scenes, their work has a significant impact on patient care.  Careers in the facilities department range from masons and plumbers to facilities managers and engineers.

The facilities team is responsible for maintaining King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute and the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre.

Special Equipment Technician, Damien Ingemann, is a great example of career possibilities at BHB. Damien began his career in March 2010 in the Environmental Services Department and then transferred to the Facilities Department later that year. …

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Published online February 2020

To publish in print March 2020