Financial Matters | Bermuda Hospitals Board

Your bill will show the hospital’s charges for the services you received. The daily rate covers room, meals and general nursing care. 

Charges for hospitalist services, medical and surgical supplies, laboratory tests, diagnostic tests, intensive care, operating and recovery room charges, robot consultations and medications will be itemized on your bill. 

The fees for your personal physician, surgeon, obstetrician or anaesthetist are not included in your hospital bill. Payment for these services is to be arranged between you and your physician. 

There are several ways to pay for the care you receive. If you present the policy numbers of your medical insurance when you are admitted, the hospital will bill the insurance company directly. Your bill will then reflect only that amount not covered by your insurance. 

If your bill is only partially covered by insurance, you must pay the balance personally. If you wish accommodation above the level of your insurance coverage, or if you do not have insurance, you must pay for five days of accommodation prior to your admission.