Help Prevent the Spread of Germs | Bermuda Hospitals Board

Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Wash hands for at least 15 seconds. Clean your hands often and remind your visitors to do the same. Staff will welcome your reminder to wash their hands or wear gloves before examining you or giving you your medicine. Each unit is equipped with sinks for hand washing and waterless hand sanitizer dispensers for use by staff, patients and visitors. 

  • Practice good personal hygiene.
  • Let your nurse know if your gown or linens are soiled.
  • Ask friends and relatives who have colds, respiratory symptoms or other contagious illnesses not to visit you or anyone in the hospital.
  • Get vaccinated if it is recommended. Flu and pneumonia vaccines can help prevent illnesses, particularly in young, elderly and high-risk patients.
  • Speak up if you have any questions or concerns.