Preventing Falls | Bermuda Hospitals Board

Avoiding slips, trips and falls will help you maintain your health and wellness.

In the hospital, people can be at a higher risk for falling down. Illness, surgery and medicines can make you weaker than usual or can affect your balance or judgment. We want to keep you safe from injury of any kind, including an accidental fall. You can help!

Your health care team will:

  • Assess you for your risk of falling upon admission and as your condition changes
  • Determine what preventive measures should be taken to try to prevent a fall while you are in the hospital, and share this information with other staff
  • Show you how to use your call bell and remind you when to call for help
  • Respond to your calls for assistance in a timely manner
  • Assist you with getting in and out of bed and using the restroom as needed
  • Provide you with safe footwear and any recommended equipment (such as a walker or bedside commode) that will make it safer for you to move about
  • Make sure the call bell and other needed items are within reach before staff leaves you alone


We ask you or a family member to:

  • Tell your nurse if you have a history of falls
  • Ask your nurse what your assessed risk for a fall is and what prevention measures are being taken
  • Use the call bell to ask for help before attempting to get out of bed after calling for help, stay where you are and wait for staff to come and help you when finished in the bathroom, use the call bell and wait for staff to assist you back to your bed
  • Wear non-skid footwear and use equipment that has been provided for your safety
  • Make sure the call bell and other needed items are within reach before family or staff leaves your room