Advance Directives | Bermuda Hospitals Board

Having an advance directive helps ensure that your wishes about your health care and treatment are understood and respected when you cannot speak for yourself. It also reassures others that they are following your wishes.

The BHB supports the use of advance directives provided they are consistent with professional standards-of-care, other BHB policies and Bermuda law. This is one important way that BHB supports open and honest communication between you and the people who provide your health care.

Making an advance directive gives you the opportunity to talk about what kind of health care and treatment you want, with people who are close to you (such as your partner and family or loved ones) and people who provide your health care (such as doctors and nurses).

  • For more information regarding advance directives, please contact your legal counsel.
  • For documentation of patient living will and organ donation decisions, you may contact the Health Information Management Services Department (HIMS) at 441 239-1483.