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While you receive treatment at KEMH, your Hospitalist will see you every day and more, if needed. As specialists in hospital care, they can call on an interdisciplinary team of other specialist physicians and allied health workers to co-ordinate your care while you are a patient.

What are Hospitalists?

Hospitalists are Internal Medicine physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. Your hospitalist team helps to provide coordinated, efficient and effective care.

Can my GP visit me in the hospital?

GPs can visit with their patients in the hospital and can discuss your care with your Hospitalist. If you are under the care of a Hospitalist, they will make the clinical decisions surrounding your care.

How is my care affected?

The Hospitalist acts as your primary care provider during your hospital stay. Because of their availability in the hospital, your care will be efficient and effective. Your GP is notified and updated regarding your hospitalisation.

Are Hospitalists available to update the family?

The Hospitalist is available to update family and patients of important results and changes. The Hospitalist also coordinates important discussions pertaining to patient care between the patient, family and all physicians involved.

What happens when I leave the hospital?

You will return to your usual GP. Hospitalists and GPs communicate so that when you are discharged from hospital you move seamlessly between the hospital and the community, and benefit from the best in both sectors.



Registered nurses are a critical link betweenyou and other members of your health care team. Available 24 hours a day, they help communicate your needs to your other care providers, and they explain important information so that you understand your treatment and are able to participate in your recovery. Nurses assess your condition, plan and evaluate your daily care, administer medications and intravenous fluids and perform treatments.

They provide education about your medical condition and how to continue treatment after your hospital discharge. As advocates for your care and recovery and the maintenance of your health, our nurses work to ensure you receive the highest quality health care.



Although you might not meet your hospital pharmacists, they are important and active members of your care team. In addition to preparing medications using the latest technology, they also monitor your therapy for effectiveness and help avoid side effects, allergies and possible interactions with drugs and foods.


Allied Health Services – Rehabilitation Experts

Your rehabilitation care team consists of Doctors (Physiatrists), Rehabilitation Nurses, Therapists (Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapist), Cardiac Education Specialists, Dietitians and Medical Social Workers who offer a multidisciplinary approach to guide you toward the most complete recovery possible.

Our team is available to you while you are hospitalized and after your discharge. You will be assessed by our experts and together with your doctor, you, and members of your family, a course of care will be planned that is tailored to your specific rehabilitation needs.


Other Members of Your Health Care Team

There are many other professionals involved in your care, such as Lab and Diagnostic Technicians, Environmental Services staff and Food Services staff who are dedicated to ensuring your recovery and that you are comfortable during your stay.