Essential Dads

From Bermuda Parent Magazine: Dealing with Covid-19 has been challenging for parents throughout the island. Home schooling, endless Zoom classroom sessions, quarantining, curfews, and keeping their energetic children indoors. Can someone please pass a glass of bubbly when this is all over!

While some parents have been able to stay home with their children during this pandemic, others have had to venture out daily because they are essential workers on the island. Bermuda Parent Magazine honours three fathers who have been committed not only to parenthood, but their jobs.

Antonio Russell: Thirty-seven-year-old Antonio Russell has been an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for 12 years. He is the father of four beautiful daughters, Mhila, 11, Yara, 19 months, and one-year-old twins Akaio and Akiko.

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Published Summer 2020
19 August 2020 Media