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Free Health Screenings to the public to mark Diabetes and Chronic Lung Disease Awareness Month

Wednesday 6 November 2019:

November is Diabetes and Chronic Lung Disease Awareness month. To help educate the public on risk factors, how to manage the conditions and how to avoid developing them, Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) Diabetes, Respiratory, Endocrine and Metabolism (DREAM) Centre will be providing free health screenings to the public.

On Wednesday 13 November from 10am-1pm, the Centre’s accredited diabetes and asthma education staff will provide the service in the main lobby of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s (KEMH) Acute Care Wing.

Blood sugar and blood pressure screenings provide important information on diabetes and hypertension. Lung function testing for smokers and former smokers over 40-years of age can help determine if Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has developed or is developing.

Attendees at the free event will also have their waist measured and can take advantage of free foot assessments.

In addition to conducting the screenings, staff will take time to explain the results of the screenings and advise participants on the follow up they should do.

BHB and DREAM Centre staff are committed to helping the public take control of their health. This includes educating on how to prevent disease and where chronic conditions have developed, advising how best to manage them.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to reducing your risk of developing a chronic condition. This includes regular exercise, sufficient sleep and eating healthily.

“We have programmes to help you manage your blood sugar through proper diet,” said DREAM Centre Manager Jane Hope. “Many people don’t realise what a healthy diet is. We can help and guide you step-by-step through the process. In this way you can put your entire family on the right path.”

“Don’t smoke. And if you do, quit,” said Asthma Nurse Educator Debbie Barboza. “The harmful effects of smoking can be devastating to your health and the health of those around you. Quitting improves your risk of developing many of these conditions.”

For more information on the free screenings and the DREAM Centre call 239-2027 or email jane.hope@bhb.bm. For asthma and COPD related information email asthma.centre@bhb.bm

DREAM Centre public screening flyer NOV2019

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Bermuda Hospitals Board celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tuesday 1 October 2019: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October with an awareness campaign organised by the Mammography Department.

For the entire month the Acute Care Wing will be under a pink glow every evening. Join the Snapchat buzz every Friday with the Mammography Department filters.

BHB’s Mammography Department follows the guidelines of the American College of Radiology (ACR) which includes the age at which persons should have mammograms and the frequency with which they should be conducted. The guidelines stipulate the following:

  • Women aged 40 to 82 should get mammograms every year;
  • Screening should continue as long as a woman is in good health and is expected to live 10 more years or longer;
  • All women should be familiar with the known benefits, limitations and potential harms linked to breast cancer screening;
  • Women should know how their breasts normally look and feel and report any changes to a healthcare provider right away;
  • Women with a family history, genetic tendency or certain other factors, should in addition to a mammogram, be screened with MRI. (Very few women fall into this category);
  • Talk with a healthcare provider about your risk for breast cancer and the best screening plan for you.

Follow us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/BermudaHospitals/ for opportunities to win prizes from the BHB mammography team during October.

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Bermuda Hospitals Board 2019 road traffic accident statistics

Friday 27 September 2019:  Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics for August 2019 are now available. There were 172 cases that required attention at our emergency facilities – 2 people required admission to ICU and 15 to general wards. Of those admitted, one was a minor (17 years old). No one was air-ambulanced overseas due to a road traffic accident. Twenty-four of those who attended Emergency, were tourists.

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics August

2018 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January

2017 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 

2016 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January


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World Heart Day: BHB offers free CPR training

Thursday 26 September 2019: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is celebrating World Heart Day this year with quick cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses for the public. BHB is the only American Heart Association Authorized Training Center in Bermuda and each of the courses offered have been created by that organisation.

Hands-Only CPR

Designed to increase the likelihood of bystanders taking action if someone suffers a heart attack right in front of them, this method does not involve any mouth-to-mouth contact. Only hand contact is required.

“Research showed that people were uncomfortable giving mouth-to-mouth help to victims, even in instances where a person fell into difficulty right before them,” said BHB Clinical Nurse Educator Kelly Pitcher. “This technique was created to increase the numbers of people that would be able to help in such circumstances, thereby increasing the prospects for anyone who may have a heart attack.”

BHB will offer the Hands-Only CPR course for free. Training takes about 30 minutes and is done to music. Research by the American Heart Association shows that people are more likely to remember the compression rate to use when they are trained to use the beat of a familiar song.

Participants must be able to kneel on the floor.


Family & Friends CPR

Family & Friends CPR is for people who want to learn CPR but do not need CPR certification to meet a job requirement. The course is ideal for community groups, new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and others interested in learning how to save a life.

This course includes training in the Hands-Only CPR technique as well as mouth-to-mouth CPR to use on adults and children. Adult and child AED use, infant CPR and mild and severe airway block for adults, children and infants are also a part of this training.

BHB will provide free instruction for this course. The workbook and mouthpiece required will cost $5. Family & Friends CPR training is about 2 hours long.

Participants must be able to kneel on the floor.


Registering for the courses

Please note that neither course is appropriate for clinicians.

Hands-Only CPR will be offered on Friday 27 September from 8:30am – 3:30pm

Family & Friends CPR will be offered on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September.  Three sessions will be offered each day.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
8:30am-10:30am 11am-1pm 1:30pm-3:30pm

Call 239-1029 to register or email coursereg@bhb.bm. Please include the time and date you would like to attend.


Family and friends CPR training flyer 2019

Hands only CPR training flyer

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BHB welcomes Storm

Thursday 19 September 2019: Maya Collice Julia-Lynn Morris was due on Tuesday 17 September but mother Collice Washington went into labour in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and Maya was born during Hurricane Humberto on Wednesday 18 September.  Maya, the first child of both mother Collice and father Paul Morris, was the only baby born in Bermuda during the hurricane.

“We’d like to thank the maternity ward staff and physicians for all their assistance with the birth of our daughter,” said Paul. “As first-time parents they made us very comfortable and exhibited professionalism in both the way they spoke and treated us. Even through our concerns they listened, advised and met our needs. Collice and I are truly grateful to them.

“They played an integral role in us having a healthy baby,” he added.

“We didn’t know the baby’s sex beforehand and actually thought we were going to have a boy,” said Collice.

“People kept telling us we were having a boy, using all the old wives tales saying because she was carrying the baby high, it was definitely a boy,” said Paul. “Although I thought it was a boy, all I ever wanted was to have a healthy baby so I was not just surprised, I was also very happy when our daughter arrived.”

“I was open for either sex, I thought it would be nice to have a daughter, but I have a lot of brothers so I thought a boy would be also be good,” said Collice.

At 7:10pm as the winds escalated outside and the streets were clear of traffic, Maya made her way into Bermuda.

“There’s nothing that really compares with that moment and the joyfulness of it,” said Collice.

She admitted that the birth also provided her a great sense of relief as she was worried that she would be giving birth on her birthday, September 20 – tomorrow.

The couple said they gave no thought to Humberto during the 12-hour labour and were completely focused on their baby.

“My friends are teasing me asking if we are going to name her Humbertina,” laughed Paul, “of course not, but we do plan to nickname her Storm”.

Maya (Storm) Morris weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 19 inches long when she was born at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital at 7:10 on Wednesday 18 September 2019.

As a precautionary measure, eight expectant mothers (all in their ninth month) stayed in the Maternity Unit during the hurricane. None went into labour.  All returned home today.

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Public Advisory: Cup Match hours at Emergency Medical Facilities

Tuesday 30 July 2019: Bermuda Hospitals Board wishes the public a happy and safe Cup Match weekend. For minor but urgent illness and injuries, the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre (UCC) in St David’s will be open as usual from 4pm to midnight on Thursday and Friday and from noon to midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

For more serious conditions, (for example, stroke, heart attack, serious injury), please go to the Emergency Department at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where full imaging and surgical services are available 24-hours a day, every day.

BHB also reminds the public that emergency physicians attend to patients in the order of the severity of their condition.

The weather forecast is for partly cloudy conditions and a high of 85 degrees. To be safe, and enjoy the holiday, stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Always have a bottle of water at hand to sip during the day, and follow advice on protective clothing and sunscreen.

BHB also reminds the public to adhere to the rules of the road and water while operating vehicles and any sailing vessels. And if you drink alcohol do not drive, ride, or operate any motor or sailboat.

If you need to contact the UCC call 298-7700. To contact KEMH Emergency Department call 239-2009.

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Bermuda Hospitals Board 2019 Road Traffic Accident Statistics from 1 January to 30 June

Tuesday 23 July 2019: Bermuda Hospitals Board Emergency Department attended to 200 road traffic accident cases in June. While the overwhelming majority of people were discharged home after their Emergency Department care, two were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, and 18 to general wards at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH). Two people were discharged to overseas medical facilities and two were under the age of 18. Of the 200 cases seen in Emergency, 17 were tourists.

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics June

Bermuda Hospitals Board 2018 Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January-31 December


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Traffic Diversion on Wednesday 24 July at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital

(Monday 22 July 2019) Bermuda Hospitals Board advises the public of traffic diversions scheduled for Wednesday 24 June 2019 on the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) campus. The diversions will affect both vehicular and pedestrian traffic from approximately 7am until 4:30pm.

To facilitate the installation of a well pump, a crane will be placed on the Acute Care Wing exit road outside the Emergency Department. The section of the Acute Care Wing exit road leading from the lobby and Emergency Department out onto Point Finger Road will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians.

The following diversions will be in place on Wednesday 24 July.

For your safety and the safety of others, please use caution and adhere to the barriers, signage and directions of the security officers.

Vehicle diversions

The main entryway to the KEMH Acute Care Wing lobby and Emergency Department from Point Finger Road will operate as a two-way road. Security guards will be in place to safely guide traffic.

Pedestrian diversions

There will be no pedestrian access to the walkway from the Emergency Department to Point Finger Road and the Acute Care Wing parking lot. Pedestrians will be diverted along the Point Finger Road sidewalk.

Bermuda Hospitals Board apologises to the public for any inconvenience caused by the diversions.

KEMH Traffic Diversion – 24Jul2019

22 July 2019 News

Bermuda Hospitals Board establishes a Primary Stroke Centre

Wednesday 17 July 2019: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the establishment of a Primary Stroke Centre at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH).

An estimated two percent of the population suffers an acute stroke in Bermuda every year. “We recognise that acute stroke in Bermuda is an epidemic that contributes to adult disability and significant economic cost,” said BHB Chief of Staff Michael Richmond, MD. “We are thus making the care and treatment of stroke patients a top priority.”

BHB is developing the stroke programme in collaboration with experts from Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center and its Department of Neurology’s Global Center for Organized Stroke Care. The collaboration is part of the clinical affiliation between BHB and Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHMI). Through the affiliation, Johns Hopkins is providing educational training, protocol development assistance and project management support to aid in the progress of the centre and BHB’s pursuit of accreditation.

BHB Consultant Neurologist Francene Gayle, MD is leading the project for BHB. She said: “A primary stroke centre ensures the highest level of care to acute stroke patients including the use of intravenous thrombolytics (clot busting agents) for appropriate candidates who present within 4.5 hours of the onset of a stroke. It also ensures island-wide public education on the signs and symptoms of an acute stroke as well as stroke prevention strategies. There is also an emphasis on re-integrating stroke survivors into the community through rehabilitation.”

“Johns Hopkins Medicine International is pleased to be guiding Bermuda Hospitals Board in establishing the Primary Stroke Centre in Bermuda. We work with thousands of stroke patients from around the world every year and are eager to share our expertise to benefit the Bermuda community,” said Dr. Victor Urrutia, Director of The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center.

BHB CEO Venetta Symonds said: “We are pleased to make this service improvement. Instituting a Primary Stroke Centre at BHB creates a path for us to fulfil our commitment to deliver exceptional care to foster a healthy Bermuda community.”


Pictured from left: Angela Gilbert RPT, BHB Clinical Manager, Allied Health Services;  Heloisa Ambrosia RN, BHB Clinical Nurse Educator (Med/Surg Services); Holly Russell, OTR/L, Rehab Team Leader, RTS Team Leader, John Hopkins Hospital; April Pruski, MD, Assistant Professor SOM PMR Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Lisa Klein, Clinical Nurse Specialist, CNRN, JHMI; Brenda Johnson, MD, Assistant Director, Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Stroke Center and Assistant Professor of Neurology , Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Victor Urrutia, MD, Director The Johns Hopkins Hospital Comprehensive Stroke Center and Associate Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Judy Richardson RN, BHB Chief of Nursing; Francene Gayle MD, BHB Physician Lead, Primary Stroke Centre; Consultant Internist and Neurologist; Nevin Williams MD, BHB Assistant Director of Hospitalist Services; Kathy Albuoy RN, BHB Clinical Manager, Ascendant Partner Re; Phillip Jones MD, BHB Emergency Physician; Margia Arguello, Associate, Global Services, JHMI; Michael Ashton MD,BHB Chief of Medicine; Cathy Stovell BHB Public Relations and Norma Smith RN, BHB Clinical Director, Medical/Surgical Services

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