Public Advisory: Repairs to Corporation of Hamilton sewage line may cause foul odours inside KEMH

Friday 24 June 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board advises the public that repairs to the Corporation of Hamilton sewage pipe on Point Finger Road will be very near the Emergency Department and air intake units for the hospital building. Please note that as a result you may experience adverse odours not only outside the hospital but also inside.

Bermuda Hospitals Board apologises for this unfortunate circumstance. The Corporation of Hamilton is working assiduously to rectify the situation.

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Five-year strategy published for services at MWI

Tuesday 21 June 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board has published a five-year strategy for Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute services. The MWI Directorate Plan 2021-2026 was developed following the launch of the BHB Strategic Plan 2021-2026 last year. It provides a pathway for mental health, intellectual disability and substance use services.

R Scott Pearman, Deputy CEO, says: “I’m very proud to see the Plan published after an incredible amount of hard work by MWI staff and clients, through a very challenging period. It highlights work with international and local partners and supports the over-arching BHB vision ‘To pursue excellence through improvement, to make Bermuda proud.’”

Acting Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations (MWI) Preston Swan says: “The strength of the Plan is to provide us with a roadmap to truly transform services and experiences for our clients. While dovetailing to the BHB vision, MWI staff and clients defined the MWI purpose ‘To inspire strength, hope and wellness in our community by promoting independence, choice and person-centred support’.”

“The Plan also re-affirms the recovery model as the heart of all we do,” Preston adds. “This is a model that encourages client participation not just in decisions about their own care and treatment, but in service planning.”

There are four goals that give overall direction to the strategy:
1. Transition outpatient and long term care into the community and close the MWI site in the long term
2. Ensure active patient participation in our services using the recovery model
3. Use a needs-based approach to care that ensures people get care at the right time and place and from the right provider
4. Challenge the stigma and discrimination associated with MWI services

Acting Chief of Psychiatry Dr Anna Nielson comments: “Shifting outpatient services to community settings helps bring the care to the people who need them. It makes accessing services easier, and people don’t have to visit MWI which can have a stigma associated with it. We have already started the process: last year mental health services and support were offered from Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre, Victoria Clinic, the courts and a nurse led pilot has run in a GP office. Lastly, a Community Intellectual Disability Team (CIDT) was launched last year to support clients in their homes.”

The Plan goes further, however, with a long term goal of co-locating acute inpatient mental health services on the KEMH campus, where inpatient acute medical services are delivered.

“People would be able to go to the same campus whether they have an acute mental illness or physical illness,” Dr Neilson-Williams explains. “They would be separate, purpose built units, but on the same campus allowing for better support and cooperation between the two services.”

Mr Swan also highlights a promotional campaign in partnership with Public Health England (PHE), MIND (UK) and local partners to help break down the stigma associated with mental illness. “We want to end the stigma that many people feel is associated with mental illness. It impacts how people are treated at work and home, and also can discourage people from seeking help when they need it. We truly want to see a transformation take place in Bermuda.”

You can read the full MWI Directorate Plan here and a summary of the plan here.

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Congratulations, Butterfield & Vallis, Corporate Blood Drive Winner 2022

Tuesday 14 June 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board today announced that Butterfield & Vallis had won the Corporate Blood Drive Winner 2022. In this ninth competition, 15 local companies competed. Every blood donation from an employee or an employee’s friends and family counts towards the final total. The winner is always announced on World Blood Donor Day, which is today, 14 June 2022. As a further celebration, the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Acute Care Wing will be lit in red in this week.

The winner’s trophy was presented to Butterfield & Vallis by the Minister of Health, the Hon. Kim Wilson JP MP, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ayoola Oyinloye, BHB Chief of Staff Dr Wesley Miller, and the Bermuda Blood Donor Centre team.

Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist, comments: “Every one of the fifteen competing companies must be applauded. Every donation is a donation we need, and just by participating they are supporting their employees to be able to come and donate. Thank you all, and a special congratulations to Butterfield & Vallis, for coming first in the competition. The last two years have been very hard for individuals and companies, and your continued support of blood donation has helped us maintain our blood supplies and save lives in Bermuda.”

The fifteen competing companies in this year’s competition were: AF Smith, Ascot, Axis, Bermuda Monetary Authority, BF&M, Butterfield & Vallis, Conyers Dill & Pearman, Fidelity, FIL, Freisenbruch, Lancashire, Liberty, Marsh McLennan, Ministry of Public Works and Renaissance Re.

Lucy Correia, Nurse Phlebotomist at the Blood Donor Centre, comments: “We are so thankful to each company and to everyone who donates. Butterfield & Vallis joined the 2014/15 competition and have participated every year since then. They’ve truly earned their win this year! We hope more companies will consider joining. It can be a great way to bond and build morale, and every donation can help up to three people in Bermuda. There is no better way to support the community. And we are going into the tenth competition, so it will be a special celebration!”

Terri Durrant, Advertising Manager and Wellness Chair of Butterfield & Vallis, comments: “Supporting blood donation is something Butterfield & Vallis and its employees are passionate about. Congratulations and thanks to all of my colleagues who have rolled up their sleeves this year to donate blood. For some, it took a lot to pluck up the courage to donate in the first place but now they are regulars . We look forward to a strong competition in the year ahead and we’re determined to make it a double!”

Companies wishing to join in the friendly competition should email or call 236-5067.



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Temporary chillers to be installed on the KEMH General Wing site

Sunday 12 June 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board today advises the public that five temporary chillers will be installed on the KEMH site near to the Berry Hill visitors’ car park and delivery area of the General Wing.

There should be no impact to patients accessing patient parking areas as the construction site is not a public area. Vendors who deliver to KEMH will find there is traffic control to help them safely deliver supplies.

Trench work will start on Monday, and through the week a high lift and crane will be visible. Work is expected to be completed within five days.

The temporary chillers will assist cooling water for KEMH while repairs are undertaken on the chillers in the Acute Care Wing.

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Donate blood up to 30 June and have a chance to win a prize!

Wednesday 8 June 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) and Bermuda Blood Donor Centre today thank the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club for donating two prizes to recognise the blood and apheresis donors in Bermuda. This is the second year running Hamilton Princess has offered the prizes, which are a stay at the hotel and a champagne brunch. The winners will be drawn from Bermuda’s most active and new blood donors who have donated over the last year up to 30 June 2022.

Alongside the prizes, Hamilton Princess is sponsoring an online advertisement to encourage blood donation, and is encouraging and supporting its employees to donate blood by participating in the annual Corporate Blood Drive Competition. The corporate winner will be announced on World Blood Donor Day, Tuesday 14 June.

Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, consultant haematologist at BHB, comments: “Thank you, Hamilton Princess, for being a partner in our drive to increase the number of blood and apheresis donors in Bermuda. Behind this generous donation and support is the goal of increasing donors. The need for blood transfusions in Bermuda is increasing. There were nearly 2,000 transfusions in 2021 compared to 1,590 in 2017, an increase of 26%. Blood donors over the same period have only increased from 1,002 to 1081, or 8%. This means our existing donors are being true heroes and donating frequently. We hope people will see the great good they can do by joining our donors and helping us save lives.

“The increasing need for transfusions is not down to any one reason. We see people who have internal bleeding due to illness, trauma, surgery or childbirth, as well as sickle cell patients who may need therapeutic transfusions throughout their lives. We need each new generation to join so we can keep saving lives in Bermuda for years and decades ahead.”

Tim Morrison, General Manager of the Hamilton Princess, comments: “Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is proud to be able to do its part to thank the blood donors in Bermuda and encourage more people to donate. Providing raffle prizes for donors and also being a participant in the Corporate Blood Drive Competition are ways we can make a difference to our community. If anyone is thinking of donating for the first time, or returning to donating, then this month is a great time to start as you’ll be included in this year’s draw. Our goal, however, is to thank all Bermuda’s blood donors, who are helping to save lives year round.”

Bermuda Blood Donor Centre Nurse Phlebotomist Lucy Correia adds: “We are so pleased all our active donors can participate in this draw. We can promise anyone who is considering donating for the first time that we will make it as comfortable and easy for you as possible. The process only takes about 30 minutes and your one gift of blood can help up to three people. We are based on the first floor of the General Wing of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and are open Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 2:30pm and Friday 8:30am to 1pm for appointments. Call 236-5067. You can also go to for more information about donating.”

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Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute celebrates Fête of Exceptionalities

Saturday 4 June 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) today celebrated the first anniversary of the formation of its Community and Intellectual Disability Team (CIDT) with a Fête of Exceptionalities.

The community event saw people with intellectual disabilities, their friends and family, the CIDT, and MWI senior leaders join for a day of fun activities at the Warwick Parish Council Field.

“The CIDT works to provide appropriate and client-centred services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with comorbid and co-occurring health needs living in Bermuda,” said Clinical Manager of CIDT Christopher Cunningham.

“The success of the first year of this department has brought about necessary referrals for day programmes, client moves to residential group homes for respite or permanent stays, employment opportunities and weekly therapy sessions focused on various topics to support the daily lives of clients,” said Preston Swan, BHB Acting Chief Operating Officer and VP Clinical Operations (MWI).

“Additionally, the team has been able to assist in emergency cases for other individuals needing substantial support, all while developing ties with multiple agencies on the island,” he added.

“The main objectives of our Fête of Exceptionalities are to provide our clients the opportunity to celebrate themselves in a public setting and engage in meaningful social engagement with their peers and the wider community,” said Morrisa Rogers, BHB Clinical Director of Intellectual Disabilities. “Attendees had the opportunity to seek information from our resource tent about the CIDT and other organisations that provide services to this community.”

It was free and featured lots of soca music, games, popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy, and the gombeys were a big hit.

“We hope the event provided insight for future community events on how to make inclusion possible for those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities,” said Mr Cunningham.  “Inclusion is necessary and important, especially if we want to continue reducing the stigmas around mental health and intellectual disability.”

“We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsor who share in the success of today’s event,” said Ronnelle James, Clinical Assistant of the CIDT. “They are: Special Olympics, K. Margaret Carter Centre, New Dimensions Day Programmes, John Barritt & Sons Ltd, The Hiles Family (Kris and Christianna), The Client Empowerment Council and Tomorrow’s Voices. We also thank Warwick Parish Council and The Royal Bermuda Regiment.”


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Lamb Foggo UCC returns to normal weekday hours

Sunday 1 May 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces that from Monday 2 May, the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre (UCC) will be returning to its normal Monday to Friday hours of 2pm to 10pm, following the implementation of temporary hours on weekdays due to staff pressures.

Weekend hours were not changed, and still remain at 9am to 9pm.

X-ray services at the UCC will restart later this month, and an update will be provided in due course.

The Integrated Care Clinic at the UCC will continue on its normal hours.

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Public Advisory: Traffic diversions at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Acute Care Wing on Tuesday 26 April 2022

Monday 25 April 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board advises the public that there will be traffic diversions for those driving to the front of the Acute Care Wing on Tuesday 26 April 2022.

Cleaning of the outside of the hospital building necessitates use of a lift that will block the road at the main entrance.

Pedestrians and vehicular traffic will be redirected where necessary. For your safety and the safety of others, please use caution and adhere to the barriers, signage and directions given by staff at the scene.

Bermuda Hospitals Board apologises to the public for any inconvenience caused by the disruption.

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KEMH Acute Care Wing traffic diversion from 18-22 April 2022

Sunday 17 April 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) advises the public that there will be traffic diversions for those driving to the front of the Acute Care Wing, including the Emergency Department entrance. The diversions will be in place from Monday 18 to Friday 22 April 2022.

Cleaning of the outside of the hospital building necessitates use of a lift that will block the road on the campus in the vicinity of the front of the building.

Pedestrians and vehicular traffic will be redirected where necessary. For your safety and the safety of others, please use caution and adhere to the barriers, signage and directions given by staff at the scene.

BHB apologises to the public for any inconvenience caused by the disruption.

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BHB Primary Stroke Centre receives Distinction Award from Accreditation Canada

Monday 11 April 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces that its Primary Stroke Centre, part of a clinical affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHMI), has received Stroke Distinction Award from Accreditation Canada for its Acute Stroke Services and its Inpatient Rehabilitation Services standards.

A letter from Accreditation Canada announcing the news reads: “Achieving Distinction indicates that your organization has demonstrated national leadership in the provision of high-quality stroke care. We applaud your success and urge you to celebrate this achievement.”

Accreditation Canada surveyors interviewed Bermuda Hospitals Board staff, stroke patients, their families and organisations BHB partner with from 28 February – 3 March 2022.

“We are delighted to receive distinction certification from Accreditation Canada for our Primary Stroke Centre,” said BHB CEO and President Dr Michael Richmond. “This is outstanding as our centre opened less than four years ago. It reflects the world-class expertise of our staff who achieved this while navigating the unique and challenging stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dr Richmond continued: “Stroke distinction certification is the highest commendation a Stroke Centre can receive in the Accreditation Canada system and aligns with BHB’s vision to pursue excellence through improvement, to make Bermuda proud.”

The final report reads in part: “Overall the Stroke Distinction surveyors identified the following areas of success within the organization’s stroke services:

  • Leadership and Organization support
  • Knowledgeable and committed staff
  • Collaboration with Johns Hopkins [Medicine] International
  • Alignment of the Integrated Stroke program plan with the Strategic Plan
  • Community Partnerships
  • Communication and promotion of the stroke program”

BHB Medical Stroke Director Dr Francene Gayle said: “The COVID-19 pandemic definitely presented us with unexpected challenges but we forged ahead to achieve, and in some cases, surpass, our targeted goals. We are especially thrilled to have developed novel stroke systems of care which can become models for other community hospitals around the world.”

“It has been our pleasure to collaborate with BHB in developing the Stroke Centre. We are proud of this collaboration and BHB’s accomplishments as a Primary Stroke Centre with distinction, “ said Victor C Urrutia, MD, director of The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center and director of The Johns Hopkins Global Center for Organised Stroke Care.  “This truly demonstrates BHB’s commitment to a higher standard of clinical service for stroke care. Their cohesive team and consistent approaches are now certified, to the benefit of patients across the island.”

Stroke Centre History

In 2018 BHB recognising that stroke had become an epidemic on the island, took steps to address the problem. In July 2019, BHB launched its Primary Stroke Centre, part of a clinical affiliation with JHMI. Since that time, stroke patient outcomes have significantly improved. A more clearly defined process in managing stroke patients together with a robust national campaign highlighting the signs and symptoms of stroke and the importance of attending the hospital immediately, have led to the success.

At our peak, 14 percent of those who experienced a stroke were able to receive a clot-busting drug that increased their chances of fully recovering. (Not all stroke patients are eligible to receive the drug.)

Dr Gayle said: “This figure is impressive and is almost double the 7% average of primary stroke centres in the US.”

BHB’s Primary Stroke Centre has also made history with its first trans-oceanic mechanical thrombectomy case. In this instance, a local patient with a major blockage in a major artery was able to be diagnosed and air-ambulanced to The Johns Hopkins Hospital within 17 hours. The patient received the lifesaving thrombectomy surgery, and, is likely the first in the world to have experienced the trans-oceanic service.

Pictured above: BHB Stroke Centre Working Group with Accreditation Canada lead surveyor Dr Ali Hojjati (middle front) – March 2022

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