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BHB pilots thermal detectors at its entrances

Friday 15 January 2021: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is the first company on island to use thermal detection monitors at its entrances. Three monitors have been in use since Christmas Eve in a pilot of the devices. Two Bermudian companies provided monitors from two different manufacturers for the project.

They are located at entrances to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s Acute Care Wing main lobby and Emergency Department. and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute’s main entrance.

The stand-alone machines have thermal sensors that detect your body temperature. You simply stand in front of the device and it advises you exactly what to do.

Specifically designed to address concerns with the spread COVID-19, the monitors will advise you to wear a mask if you don’t have one on, or if it does not cover your nose and mouth. If your temperature is too high, a recording announces that your access is denied and a red light flashes. If you are wearing a mask and you do not have a fever, the monitor will display your temperature on the screen and sound a message that giving you permission to enter.

“We’ve had a great response from staff and the public since we’ve introduced the thermal detection monitors,” says BHB Security and Fire Officer Earlene Wilkinson. “People appreciate the move away from the personal contact involved in manual temperature taking.

“Both brands are compatible with our access control doors and so we will have the ability to programme the entrance doors not to open automatically if you are not masked or if your temperature is too high.”

BHB has protocols in place to manage persons who are denied access. Emergency staff wearing protective equipment will attend to those who were trying to go to the Emergency Department. Those attempting to access other services will be advised to contact their physician.

The pilot will run until the end of January.

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BHB gives mental health the green light

Sunday 13 December 2020: Green is synonymous with Christmas, but it’s also the colour chosen internationally to denote mental health. This holiday season the management and staff of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute are shedding light on the importance of good mental health.

On Monday 14 December, Preston Swan, Vice President of Clinical Operations, MWI, will flick the switch at sister hospital King Edward VII Memorial Hospital lighting the outside of that facility green.

“The theme for mental health this year is kindness, and in this season of giving we want to remind the public that simply being kind to someone can have a positive impact on their mental health,” said BHB Chief of Psychiatry Chantelle Simmons.

“As we experience increasing numbers of COVID positive cases in the community, stress levels are likely rising, and feelings of sadness or anxiety may emerge. These are normal reactions during this unprecedented period. Being kind in this climate can be comforting, uplifting and help to boost our mood,” she continued.

“When you see the green lighting on the hospital in the December night, we would like you to pause and take stock of your mental health,” said Mr Swan. “Think kindness – being kind to yourself and to others. It need not cost money. Enjoy the beauty around you and share your thoughts with others.”

“If you are feeling overwhelmed please reach out to a professional who can help –seeking support is not a sign of weakness,” said BHB Deputy Chief of Psychiatry Anna Neilson-Williams. “You are not alone. We encourage you to contact MWI, your GP or one of the range of mental health professionals available within our community.”

If you need mental health assistance, please call the MWI Acute Community Health Service at 249-3432. For serious mental health crisis at any time of the day or night, call 239-1111.

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BHB road traffic accident statistics for 1 January to 30 September 2020

Tuesday 8 December 2020: In September 2020, 128 cases were seen in Bermuda Hospitals Board Emergency departments at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre. Sixteen people were admitted to acute care units, including one to the Intensive Care Unit and a minor (17 years old) to the children’s ward. None of the 128 cases seen required overseas care. Two were tourists.

Interested in comparing the figures? Download the annual stats from previous years from the list below.

2020 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January -30 Sep2020

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31December

2018 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31December

2017 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January

2016 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31 December 2016

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BHB celebrates International Day of People with Disabilities

Wednesday 25 November 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) will celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities on Thursday 3 December 2020 with a motorcade from the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI), through Hamilton.

Recognising this year’s theme “not all disabilities are visible”, the organising committee sought to have an event where those with disabilities were purposefully made visible.

“The planning committee of department employees and family representative decided on a motorcade where our clients with intellectual disabilities will be chauffeured along a route where members of the public can wave, cheer and toot in support. We want participants to know we appreciate them and see them as important members of our community,” said MWI Clinical Director of Intellectual Disabilities Morrisa Rogers.

Clients will help decorate the 10 vehicles they will travel in. Police will escort the procession along the route. The motorcade will depart New Dimensions at MWI at 10:30am, travel down Hermitage Road to Middle Road along Barker’s Hill and Palmetto Road, stopping at Dame Marjorie Hope Academy. It will then proceed to K Margaret Carter Centre, along Happy Valley Road, down King Street to Reid Street, up Queen Street and onto Church Street, passing City Hall and stopping at Aging & Disability Services. The motorcade will then travel to Dellwood Middle School, along Parson’s Road, Montpelier Road, down Corkscrew Hill onto Point Finger Road, South Road and back to MWI.

Minister of Social Development and Seniors the Honorable Tinee Furbert JP MP will start the procession.

“Our clients are looking forward to this event,” said Ms Rogers, “I really encourage members of the public to come out and show their support on Thursday 3 December.”

25 November 2020 News

BHB invites the public to celebrate birthday of 107-year-old resident

Friday 20 November 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) Long Term Care Unit resident Louise Franks will celebrate her 107th birthday on Monday 23 November.

Capri Smith, BHB’s Long Term Care Unit activities supervisor and her team, have created an arch for Ms Franks to mark the occasion. Weather permitting, Ms Franks will sit under her birthday arch and wave to well-wishers as they pass by the Acute Care Wing on Point Finger Road. The drive-by birthday event will take place from 1pm-2pm on Monday 23 November.

“We wanted to make the day special for Ms Franks, and she does enjoy being greeted,” said Ms Smith. “We have consulted with her family who are on board with the plan and who will stop in to see her throughout the day.”

“Ms Franks has been a resident in our Long Term Care Unit for 12 years,” said BHB CEO Michael Richmond. “She has a very pleasant demeanour and is a familiar face to most of our staff at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. We’re looking forward to celebrating this milestone age with her on Monday.”

While BHB encourages the public to wave and toot to Ms Franks as they pass on Point Finger Road on Monday, the hospital asks drivers to be mindful not to disrupt the flow of traffic by stopping or moving at an excessively slow speed.

20 November 2020 Home Page, News

BHB celebrates Stroke Awareness Week

Tuesday 27 October 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) Stroke Centre is focusing on stroke awareness for the public this week. Many Bermuda families are impacted by stroke every year.

“In recent years the number of stroke cases has increased significantly in Bermuda,” said BHB consultant neurologist and Stroke Centre Director Francene Gayle, MD. “Stroke is considered an epidemic on the island. An average of four to five people present at the hospital every week with stroke.”

Stroke is one of the leading causes of adult disability in Bermuda.

“The good news is that there are actions we can take to reduce our stroke risk,” said BHB Stroke Centre Coordinator Jamie Farrell.  “These include keeping our blood pressure at safe levels, lowering our cholesterol, following a heart healthy diet, exercising regularly, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake and controlling diabetes.

“To determine your stroke risk you can use the Stroke Risk Scorecard – National Stroke Association,” said Ms Farrell.

“Recognising the symptoms of stroke is vitally important,” said Dr Gayle. “Every second counts and fast action can actually save lives and often greatly reduce disability. Everyone needs to know the simple acronym BE FAST and what it stands for.”

During the week, BHB will be handing out wallet-sized BE FAST cards. The cards are an easy-access reference guide if you suspect someone is having a stroke.

BHB invites the public to take the daily Stroke Awareness quiz on the Bermuda Hospitals Facebook page. The quiz questions appear at 8am each day until Friday. Answers to the morning questions appear at 6pm each day.

On World Stroke Day, Thursday 29 October, BHB encourages the public to do a physical activity, as regular exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of chronic disease including stroke.

Tag BHB in your Stroke Day activity Facebook posts. The Stroke Centre team would love to know what you did.

You can download the Stroke Risk Scorecard and BE FAST flyer below.



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BHB road traffic accident statistics for January to August 2020

Wednesday 21 October 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board Emergency Department (including the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre) attended to 123 cases in August. Nine patients had to be admitted to the hospital, 1 to ICU and 8 to the Acute Care Wing. Four of those who attended Emergency were tourists, 1 was admitted to ICU, the other 3 were treated in the Emergency Department and released.

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Public Advisory: Road closure and traffic interruptions on Monday 5 October at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital

Friday 2 October 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board advises the public of a temporary road closure scheduled for Monday 5 October 2020 on the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) campus. The closure will affect both vehicular and pedestrian through traffic from approximately 6:30pm until midnight.

To facilitate the replacement of some of the beds in the KEMH General Wing and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, a container will travel to the KEMH site, interrupting the flow of traffic along Point Finger Road from approximately 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Monday.

The container will be positioned on the KEMH through road between the ambulance bays and the General Wing lobby from 6:30pm, necessitating the closure of that section of the KEMH road until approximately midnight.

During this period, emergency vehicles and people attending the Emergency Department should use the Point Finger Road entrance. Ambulances will enter and exit on Point Finger Road.

KEMH and the visitor parking lots will remain accessible from both Point Finger Road (Acute Care Wing) and Berry Hill Road (General Wing and Agape House). Traffic will not be able to travel between the General Wing lobby roundabout and Point Finger Road.

For your safety and the safety of others, please use caution and adhere to the barriers, signage and directions of the security officers.

Bermuda Hospitals Board apologises to the public for any inconvenience caused by the disruption.

KEMH Road Closure Map – 5October2020


2 October 2020 Home Page, News

Bermuda Hospitals Board invites the public to Be Kind for Mental Health Awareness Week

Tuesday 29 September 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) through its Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) invites the public to Be Kind in its mental health awareness campaign for 2020. Kindness is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year and MWI is highlighting its connection to good mental health.

While we all know that when someone is kind to us it makes us feel good, research now shows that it is more far reaching than most of us may have considered – it actually has a positive impact on mental health.

In April 2020, an online survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK saw 63% of the 4,246 surveyed; agree that when other people are kind, it had a positive impact on their mental health.

BHB Chief of Psychiatry Chantelle Simmons, MD said, “Studies indicate that kindness is associated with increased happiness, wellbeing and life satisfaction.

“There are multiple opportunities for kindness as we go about our day. A compassionate word to a colleague, an encouraging text message to a friend or a video chat to check in with a neighbour are all good examples.

“Such acts of kindness may be one of the ways we create and maintain our social connections which is a key contributor to overall wellbeing.

“It is also important to be kind to ourselves. This may include self-care, meditation, or giving ourselves the opportunity to rest and recharge.”

Mental Health Awareness Week chairperson Shanay Scott said, “Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Sunday 4 to Monday 12 October. We are calling it Acts of Kindness Week and are encouraging everyone in the community to commit to doing acts of kindness. It may be to friends, relatives, work colleagues, complete strangers and, no less importantly, to themselves. Then, in a show of support for good mental health, we would like all those who did so, to wear green on Friday 9 October our Be Kind BDA Grub Day. Additionally we are inviting everyone to take photos and post to social media #BEKINDBDA.

“We also encourage the public to share their thoughts on kindness. Email essays, poems, artwork etc. to bekindbda@bhb.bm.”

The Acts of Kindness Week culminates with a Keep Bermuda Beautiful Committee (KBB) clean-up on Sunday 11 October. Participants should observe social distancing and carry out their clean-ups in small groups. Those who do not have a group can join MWI at 9am on Devon Springs Road.

On Monday 12 October, a proclamation on Mental Health will be read at City Hall at 12:30pm.

For more information on Acts of Kindness Week email bekindbda@bhb.bm. You can download the calendar of events and Kindness flyer below.

Mental Health Awareness Week-Events calendar OCT2020

Mental Health Awareness Week Kindness-flyer OCT2020

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Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics for the period 1 January – 31 July 2020

Friday 11 September 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics for June and July 2020 are as follows:

Total cases seen in the Emergency Department (at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre): June – 96,  July-133

Number of cases admitted to the Intensive Care Unit: June -1, July -2

Number of cases admitted to an acute care unit (not including ICU): June – 5, July -18

Number of cases discharged to overseas care facilities: June – 1, July -1.

Below is a year-to-date report and annual reports for 2019,2018, 2017  and 2016.

2020 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31 July 2020

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31December

2018 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31December

2017 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January

2016 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January

11 September 2020 News