BHB welcomes Storm

Thursday 19 September 2019: Maya Collice Julia-Lynn Morris was due on Tuesday 17 September but mother Collice Washington went into labour in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and Maya was born during Hurricane Humberto on Wednesday 18 September.  Maya, the first child of both mother Collice and father Paul Morris, was the only baby born in Bermuda during the hurricane.

“We’d like to thank the maternity ward staff and physicians for all their assistance with the birth of our daughter,” said Paul. “As first-time parents they made us very comfortable and exhibited professionalism in both the way they spoke and treated us. Even through our concerns they listened, advised and met our needs. Collice and I are truly grateful to them.

“They played an integral role in us having a healthy baby,” he added.

“We didn’t know the baby’s sex beforehand and actually thought we were going to have a boy,” said Collice.

“People kept telling us we were having a boy, using all the old wives tales saying because she was carrying the baby high, it was definitely a boy,” said Paul. “Although I thought it was a boy, all I ever wanted was to have a healthy baby so I was not just surprised, I was also very happy when our daughter arrived.”

“I was open for either sex, I thought it would be nice to have a daughter, but I have a lot of brothers so I thought a boy would be also be good,” said Collice.

At 7:10pm as the winds escalated outside and the streets were clear of traffic, Maya made her way into Bermuda.

“There’s nothing that really compares with that moment and the joyfulness of it,” said Collice.

She admitted that the birth also provided her a great sense of relief as she was worried that she would be giving birth on her birthday, September 20 – tomorrow.

The couple said they gave no thought to Humberto during the 12-hour labour and were completely focused on their baby.

“My friends are teasing me asking if we are going to name her Humbertina,” laughed Paul, “of course not, but we do plan to nickname her Storm”.

Maya (Storm) Morris weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 19 inches long when she was born at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital at 7:10 on Wednesday 18 September 2019.

As a precautionary measure, eight expectant mothers (all in their ninth month) stayed in the Maternity Unit during the hurricane. None went into labour.  All returned home today.

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