Caring for the Caregiver donates to BHB nursing staff

Tuesday 9 March 2021: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) nurses and nursing aides on the Ace Barber Unit received gift boxes from two local students this month.

Alaiyah Hayward from Bermuda College and Jezhari Talbot from Berkeley Institute made the donation from their newly formed charity – Caring for the Caregivers (CFTC).

“CFTC’s purpose is to support our essential workers while also contributing to our local economy, by creating self-care baskets for workers with items sourced from local businesses,” the duo said in an email to BHB.

The email continued: “We have chosen to donate boxes to essential workers at your place of employment. We are looking forward to your reply to this email so we can organize how we can distribute them. We are truly thankful for what you have done for our country!”

When contacted, Ms Hayward and Ms Talbot said they wanted the gifts to be given to nurses on the Ace Barber Unit as this is the ward where the majority of patients who test positive for COVID-19 are admitted, unless they require ICU treatment.

On Monday 1 March, Ms Hayward presented 15 boxes at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital to BHB Chief of Nursing Judy Richardson, Clinical Director Medical/Surgical Services Karen Raynor and Ace Barber Clinical Resource Nurse Dunae Richards.

“This is such a thoughtful gesture from Ms Hayward and Ms Talbot,” said Ms Richardson. “We truly appreciate the gifts and I’m sure our nurses will love them. They are beautifully packaged, demonstrating the care their charity is all about.”

“The nurses and nursing aides were excited with their gifts,” said Ms Richards. “They were unexpected and welcomed. It completely brightened the day of the 15 recipients.”

Each box contained a mixture of items sourced from local vendors, including Coco Aroma, MarketPlace, Royalty Rootz, Esso, Quench Bermuda, Salt+Cedar, Naked Zero, Ahmani’s Cookie Company and ESC Limited.

The gift boxes were made possible through donations from Chubb and Validus Re.

Pictured Above: Judy Richardson, Chief of Nursing; nurse Carolann Tacklyn; Karen Raynor, Clinical Director Medical and Surgical Services; Alaiyah Hayward, Caring For the Caregiver; Dunae Richards, Clinical Resource Manager, Ace Barber; and nursing assistant Elizabeth Dore


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American Society of Bermuda donate to Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Long Term Care service

4 May 2018: Residents of Long Term Care at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) will be able to enjoy some activities outside in the coming months thanks in large part to a donation from the American Society of Bermuda. Club president Ellie Najac said the Society, comprised of US citizens who live in Bermuda, make donations quarterly to various groups on the island.

“Our focus is on seniors and children,” said Ms Najac. “This is our second donation this year, earlier we gave to Age Concern.”

A tent was in the gift pack donated on Friday 20 April by members of the Society at KEMH. Activities coordinator Capri Smith said the tent will allow her to move some activities outdoors in the coming months, as it will provide much needed shade for the senior participants.

“We asked what was needed and then went shopping,” said Ms Najac. “We’ve donated a 12ftX12ft tent, a glue gun with accessories, construction paper, crayons and games. I also added a large box of chocolates.”

“We truly appreciate the donation by the American Society of Bermuda,” said BHB Clinical Director of Long Term Care Granville Russell. “It’s the thoughtfulness of groups and individuals like Ms Najac, Ms Smith and Ms Stovell, that allow us to continue to provide engaging activities for our residents helping to improve their quality of life even in their twilight years.”

At 105, Louise Franks, the oldest resident , was on hand at the presentation. She regularly enjoys participating in arranged activities.


Pictured from left are: BHB Clinical Director Long Term Care, Granville Russell; American Society of Bermuda members Jane Smith, Tina Stovell and Ellie Najac, BHB Long Term Care Activities Coordinator Capri Smith. In front: BHB Long Term Care residents Dorothy Pearman, Louise Franks and Dorothy Cann.


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