BHB laundry gets $6.6 million upgrade

Sunday 24 July 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) has started a $6.6-million project to renovate its ageing laundry facility. The Laundry & Linen Department has been housed in the basement of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s (KEMH) General Wing since the facility was constructed in the 1960s.

“Renovation of this area is necessary as the infrastructure is almost 60 years old and failing,” said BHB Acting Chief Operating Officer Preston Swan. “This department services all the laundry for both our hospitals, KEMH and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. On average, 5,000 to 6,000 pounds are processed in the facility every day.”

The old facility closed in early July to facilitate the upgrade and has a December 2022 completion date.

“New hot and cold water lines, steam piping and exhaust ductwork will be installed to replace the ageing infrastructure,” said BHB Principal Engineer Ellsworth Wainwright.

“The old boiler room building will be demolished, and a new building will be constructed to house the new hot water system, allowing the washers to operate more efficiently,” he added.

Those efficiencies will reduce costs.

“We have experienced complete equipment failures multiple times over the past year, putting the organisation at material risk in being able to execute our mandate,” said BHB Hotel Services Director Jerome Swainson. “The new modern equipment will provide efficiencies in wash cycles, and water and chemical use, as well as reduced energy consumption.

“Additional savings will be achieved in the reduction of additional hours, overtime and outsourcing due to frequent equipment downtime over the years.”

BHB Laundry & Linen Department transition 

The Laundry & Linen Department has 33 staff, all of whom remain employed within BHB during the renovation. Most of the staff carry out their regular duties, such as sorting, folding and distribution, from a temporary workstation created in another area of the basement. A few laundry operators have been redeployed to one of the outside service providers, which have been retained to launder BHB’s linen while the renovations are underway.

Greymane Construction is the general contractor for the project.


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