MWI Services and Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Friday 3 April 2020: The statement below was given at the Premier’s Press Conference on Friday 3 April by BHB Clinical Psychologist Dr Cherita Rayner.

In an effort to continue to provide appropriate mental health services and limit client presence on the MWI campus, services are being offered in modified ways:

Adult Mental Health

  • MWI is providing individual appointments through telemedicine which may include telephone communication or conducting home visits as appropriate.
  • MWI will be providing clients’ medications via home visits or medisets to limit the need to come to the MWI campus.
    • Teams are going into the community every day; teams are split into an East Team, Central Team and a West Team
    • Medication is also being delivered to clients who call the Acute Community Mental Health Services
  • In a mental health emergency, please contact the crisis line at 239-1111 and you will be given direction.
  • If clients have other concerns please contact Acute Mental Health Services – 249-3432 this is the Clinic Triage Nurse with extended hours of 8am-8pm during the COVID season.
  • The After Hours Resource line is 249-3258.
  • MWI clients who are in the emergency shelter will also have the benefit of staff administering their medications as needed
  • Trained nursing staff, community support workers, and addiction counsellors are being rotated to the shelter to ensure continuity of services and to provide support

Child & Adolescent Service

  • Clients receiving child or adolescent outpatient services are receiving telehealth via numerous platforms.
    • A community support line has been established for children and parents. CAS Community hotline – 249-3370
    • If you have an emergency, please call the CAS main line Mondays to Friday, 9am-5pm. The CAS main line is 239-6344
    • Please call the MWI crisis line after 5pm at 239-1111
    • There remains a team on site to address any emergencies

Turning Point

  • Counsellors remain in regular contact with clients via telephone.
  • Our on-call counsellor remains available for our clients’ needs after hours.
  • New referrals for intake are being triaged via telephone interviews. Please call 239-2038 if an intake appointment is needed.
  • Client medication needs have been addressed

Managing  Your Mental Wellness

  • During times of national emergency, people can experience various levels of mental health concern.
    • General stress, increased anxiety, increased depression, which can lead to increased substance use.
  • As we are now facing the need to shelter at home to protect tour community, we need to be more aware of our emotional response.
  • There are simple steps that we can all take to emotional wellness during this time.
    • Maintain positive social connections with family and friends. Telephone, Skype, Whats App, video and Zoom are excellent ways to feel connected.
    • Try to avoid situations that cause added stress.
    • Structure your day. Change out of your PJ’s; set up a dedicated work space; maintain a “knock off time” if working from home.
    • Remind yourself that this period of isolation is temporary.
    • Stay connected to accurate and reliable information to assist in reducing anxiety.
    • Take breaks from the news and social media.
    • If sheltering with family plan fun activities; create a roster to complete household chores; try to have time to yourselves.
  • Monitor your emotional health and reach out for support as needed
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