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Celebrating Bermuda’s “50 Club” Blood Donors

17 May 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board today thanks Peter Barrett for his kind donation of a plaque that lists the names of current Bermuda donors who have made 50 or more blood or apheresis donations. The plaque donation is in honour of his father, Leslie Barrett.

Installed in the entry hallway of the Bermuda Blood Donor Centre on the first floor of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, the plaque lists over 100 names. There is a lot of space for future names, so people are also being encouraged to start and keep giving regularly.

Lucy Correia, Blood Donor Centre Nurse Phlebotomist, comments: “We are very grateful to Peter Barrett for the gift in honour of his father and excited to be able to recognize the people in Bermuda who have achieved 50 or more blood or apheresis donations. Only our most dedicated donors reach this target and we hope more will be encouraged to do so.  If someone donated blood every two months (the minimum time between donations), it would takes over eight years to reach 50 donations! It is a real commitment to caring for the community.”

Dr Eyitayo Fakunle,  Consultant  Haematologist, adds: “It is wonderful to honour the people in our community who regularly donate blood to save lives and treat challenging conditions like cancer and sickle cell anaemia.  As each pint of donated blood can help up to three people, each donor on this plaque could have each helped up to 150 people in Bermuda.  That’s a wonderful legacy and we hope more people are encouraged to get their name on the 50 Donations plaque. If you haven’t donated in a while, or are building up courage to come for the first time, we would love to hear from you at 236-5067, or”

Pictured above are members of ‘The 50 Club’, Betsie Blooddrop (left) and Mr Peter Barrett (holding the plaque on the right).

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American Society of Bermuda donate to Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Long Term Care service

4 May 2018: Residents of Long Term Care at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) will be able to enjoy some activities outside in the coming months thanks in large part to a donation from the American Society of Bermuda. Club president Ellie Najac said the Society, comprised of US citizens who live in Bermuda, make donations quarterly to various groups on the island.

“Our focus is on seniors and children,” said Ms Najac. “This is our second donation this year, earlier we gave to Age Concern.”

A tent was in the gift pack donated on Friday 20 April by members of the Society at KEMH. Activities coordinator Capri Smith said the tent will allow her to move some activities outdoors in the coming months, as it will provide much needed shade for the senior participants.

“We asked what was needed and then went shopping,” said Ms Najac. “We’ve donated a 12ftX12ft tent, a glue gun with accessories, construction paper, crayons and games. I also added a large box of chocolates.”

“We truly appreciate the donation by the American Society of Bermuda,” said BHB Clinical Director of Long Term Care Granville Russell. “It’s the thoughtfulness of groups and individuals like Ms Najac, Ms Smith and Ms Stovell, that allow us to continue to provide engaging activities for our residents helping to improve their quality of life even in their twilight years.”

At 105, Louise Franks, the oldest resident , was on hand at the presentation. She regularly enjoys participating in arranged activities.


Pictured from left are: BHB Clinical Director Long Term Care, Granville Russell; American Society of Bermuda members Jane Smith, Tina Stovell and Ellie Najac, BHB Long Term Care Activities Coordinator Capri Smith. In front: BHB Long Term Care residents Dorothy Pearman, Louise Franks and Dorothy Cann.


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BHB announces road traffic accident statistics for 1 January to 31 March 2018

11 April 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic statistics for the period 1 January 2018- 31 March 2018, shows the following:

355 victims required the Emergency Department

24 victims were admitted to the Acute Care Wing

5 victims were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit

3 victims 18 or younger were admitted to the hospital and,

2 victims were discharged to an overseas medical facility, following road traffic accidents.

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Bermuda Hospitals Board Advisory: Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre hours this weekend

Friday 2 March 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board is working closely with Emergency Measures Organisation representatives and the Bermuda Weather Service as the storm expected this weekend approaches.  Should the causeway close, staff are on stand-by to open the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre (UCC). If the causeway does not close, normal operating hours for the UCC will be followed from noon to midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

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Bermuda Hospitals Board now offers Cardiac CT Scanning

Pictured from left: Emma Sutherland and Shirmell Lambert BHB Registered Technicians, Dr Anders Hauggaard BHB Consultant Radiologist, Dr Daniel Stovell BHB Chief of Radiology, Alshuntae Harvey-Hollis BHB Registered Technician, Satinah Proctor BHB RN, Dr Joseph Yammine BHB Consultant Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac CT Scan Programme, and Dr Sam Mir BHB Director of Cardiology.

Monday 26 February 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board has expanded cardiac testing  and now provides CT angiography as well as cardiac calcium scoring on island.

In CT angiography 3D images of arteries that supply blood to the heart are taken with a CT scanner. The test can help determine the cause of chest pain and may indicate blockages in these vessels and conditions like atherosclerosis.

While calcium is good for building strong bones and teeth, calcium deposits in your blood vessels puts you at risk for developing heart disease. One of the new tests now available at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) uses CT scanning of the heart to determine calcium deposits in the coronary vessels.

The collaborative initiative between the cardiology and radiology departments now provides our community with comprehensive cardiac computerized tomography (cardiac CT). The programme started earlier this month coinciding with Heart Month. About 15 people have used the service so far.

The tests are read and interpreted at KEMH. Two physician specialists; Dr Joseph Yammine BHB Consultant Cardiologist and director of the programme, is American board certified in cardiac computed tomography and Dr Anders Hauggaard BHB Consultant Radiologist is Level II Accredited in Cardiovascular CT Experience Program by the American Heart Association with vast experience in this area. Dr Hauggaard was an early adopter of this technology in his previous works in Sweden and the Arabian Gulf.

Skilled nurses and specially trained radiology technicians conduct the testing always supervised by a physician.

Dr Yammine and Dr Hauggaard noted: “This programme, where we provide calcium scoring for cardiac risk screening and coronary angiography for assessment of coronary disease and overall heart conditions, is of great value to the community.

“It is particularly important because Bermuda does not have a cardiac catheterization laboratory. This program offers an alternative in many cases to surgery, to get a clear picture of the state of the vessels in and around the heart, and may result in less referrals to facilities overseas.”

Pictured from left: Dr Anders Hauggaard BHB Consultant Radiologist, Dr Daniel Stovell BHB Chief of Radiology, Dr Joseph Yammine BHB Consultant Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac CT Scan Programme, and Dr Sam Mir BHB Director of Cardiology.

Dr. Daniel Stovell, BHB Chief of Radiology noted:  “This testing is carried out with minimal exposure to radiation. We have paid close attention to this and are pleased with the achievement in the pilot phase of the programme which took place earlier this month.”

Dr. Sam Mir BHB Director of Cardiology said: “This programme can be a significant benefit to improve the care of our cardiac patients in Bermuda where heart disease remains the number one killer.”


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Bermuda Hospitals Board Announces Road Traffic Accidents Statistics for January 2018

19 February 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics for January 2018 (ie 1-31 January) show the following:

115 victims required services of the Emergency Department

7 victims were admitted to the Acute Care Wing

2 victims were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit

2 victims 18 or younger were admitted to the hospital, and

1 victim was discharged to an overseas medical facility, following a road traffic accident.

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A Valentine’s gift for regular blood donors

Wednesday 14 February 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces a new recognition programme for its highly valued regular blood and apheresis* donors. From 14 February 2018, when someone passes a landmark blood or apheresis donation of 10, 20, 50, 75 and 100 donations, they will be awarded a special blood donor pin recognizing their contribution to saving lives in Bermuda.

Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist, comments: “The blood donor pins are a badge of honour that reflect donating over years and decades. We are grateful to all blood and apheresis donors – we have 1,000 people on our donor list and many donate regularly. Over 100 have given 50 units or more and we hope the pins will encourage people to start and keep donating regularly so they can reach the next landmark.

“These pins recognize the donors who come when we call, or schedule appointments regularly, and ensure that when people in Bermuda are in need of a transfusion, the blood is there to save their lives or provide their treatments. They are the unknown heroes of Bermuda and thousands of people alive today have benefited from their donations – there were 1,650 transfusions in 2017 alone.

“All our blood is from volunteers in Bermuda – and we should celebrate the people who make this possible. Our donors show they care over many years and, from today, we can show our gratitude for their giving by recognizing their commitment. I hope they wear their pins with pride.”

Regular blood and apheresis donors who have made 10 or more donations can pick up their pins when they next donate. People who want to start donating or make their next appointment can call 236-5067, or email to book an appointment.

*Apheresis is a special type of blood donation that collects platelets from the blood.

Pictured in the attached are six regular blood and apheresis donors wearing their new pins. From left to right: Janet Smith (28 donations), Richard Bassett (80 donations), Nicole Belboda-Smith (13 donations), Odwin Berkeley (41 donations), Ian Hunter (65 donations), and Eugene Walker (110 donations).

Badge of Honour posters:

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MWI thanks participants for successful community event

Tuesday 23 January 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today thanks everyone who attended the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) Community Event at Pier Six on Thursday 18 January. About 70 attendees participated in a series of conversations with MWI staff regarding seven projects to improve mental health, child & adolescent, intellectual (previously learning) disability and substance abuse services.

BHB Chief Operating Officer R Scott Pearman comments: “Despite the cold, wet and windy weather outside, there was great engagement, enthusiasm and generosity in sharing ideas, perspectives and solutions. This is a new way of working for us at BHB. We started last year with an open space event where the community set the agenda to talk about what they thought BHB needed to do to ‘get it right’.  A number of ideas were generated and over the last year BHB has made changes and improvements – from extending visiting hours for acute patients, working with pastoral staff to support patients’ spiritual needs, and working on a clinical services plan that will help define BHB’s future role. Last night’s event focused on MWI services, and a number of projects directly related to feedback from last year’s conversation.”

Projects discussed were: addressing stigma associated with mental illness, establishing a ‘Club House’ in Hamilton, establishing supervised community mental health group homes, the teen life skills programme, expanding assertive outreach to schools, intellectual disability engagement and education/outreach for substance abuse.

Mr Pearman concludes: “Thursday’s event took the process a step further than last year: inviting the community to be a part of real projects to improve services. Attendees included service providers, community partners, BHB staff, Board members, civil servants, service users, and families of service users. It is unusual to have this diverse cross section entering into conversation with each other in real time to make improvements – and this is the strength of the process. MWI staff who led project conversations now have a wealth of perspectives, ideas and thoughts that will improve how we understand the projects and what they can achieve for our community.

“Thank you once more to everyone who came together, connected and shared. We are grateful for all you brought to the event, every project host learnt something that will directly enhance their work and we will be sharing our progress and all the gathered feedback as part of our ongoing process.”

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MWI opens community conversation about improving services

Tuesday 9 January 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today invites people to a community conversation event focusing on improving addiction, learning disability and mental health (child, adolescent and adult) services at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI). The event will take place on Thursday 18 January 2018 at Pier Six. Light refreshments will be provided, with doors opening at 5pm and the event starting at 5:30pm.

Hosted by MWI staff, the event will bring people into conversations about a number of service improvements, some of which come from ideas raised in BHB’s community engagement event last February. Anyone who is interested in improving MWI services is warmly invited to participate, whether a provider of services, a user of services, a family member or a concerned community member.

Projects to be discussed include: a strategy to reduce stigma; establishing a ‘club house’ in Hamilton; supervised community homes for mental health service users; teen life skills programmes in Bermuda; expanding assertive outreach services to schools; learning disability engagement opportunities; and an outreach and education programme for addiction services.

MWI Allied Health Supervisor Morrisa Rogers, who chairs the MWI Engagement Committee organising the event, comments: “We hope there will be a wide variety of perspectives – this is the unique value of this type of community conversation. We have gathered ideas for improvements from community and staff, but to fully appreciate the scope of a project and ensure it reaches its full potential we need service users and providers, concerned residents and families talking with and listening to each other at the very start of a project.”

BHB Chief Operating Officer R Scott Pearman comments: “This event will delve deeper into the purpose and potential of specific projects across all MWI services, making service improvement a truly collaborative effort. We will share what has been achieved since February’s BHB event, but the majority of our time will be listening to people who may not always be at the table, or may not always be talking together, to influence service improvements.”

BHB Chief Executive Officer Venetta Symonds comments: “In February we asked the community generally how can we get it right and nearly 100 people came, raising conversations that were important to them. I’m excited to see community conversations continue as I believe that opening up to community involvement in improvements gives us the best chance of making positive changes.

“If the community values this deep engagement in improving services, we will have similar events for other hospital services. My vision is that we collectively find a new way of evolving, creating change in conversation with the people we serve.”

9 January 2018 Home Page, News

First mental health nursing scholarship recipients announced

Thursday 4 January 2018: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the first two recipients of its mental health scholarship awards: Waleed Lightbourne and Janai Coldwell. The scholarships were newly established this year and are administered by BHB. This year, they were funded with donations from the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust.

Recipients of the award must have completed the two-year Bermuda College Associate’s Degree in Nursing. The two year scholarship pays $40,000 per year to attend Northampton University so the recipient can complete their Bachelor’s Nursing Degree in Mental Health.

Chief Operating Officer R Scott Pearman comments: “I am proud to see the first two recipients of the mental health scholarship awards announced and would like to thank the BHCT for the donation that has launched them. Our mental health services need Bermudian nurses for the stability and future leadership of on-island services. The Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute will see many of their senior nursing staff retire over the next five years, so we are greatly encouraged to see the next generation start their training.”

Chief of Nursing Judy Richardson adds: “Congratulations to Mr Lightbourne and Ms Caldwell! I’m always excited to see new nurses qualify and it is especially pleasing to see two talented and committed Bermudians choose a nursing pathway in mental health. It is a highly fulfilling professional career to choose, with opportunities, if wanted, to advance through different areas and eventually move into higher levels of management. I look forward to seeing them return home after training.”

Waleed LightbourneWaleed Lightbourne: Waleed graduated from the Bermuda College with his associate’s degree in 2015. He was the first Bermudian male to graduate from the Nursing Programme. Waleed is currently working in BHB’s nurse internship programme in the Acute Care Wing of KEMH.

Janai Caldwell: Janai’s interest in psychiatric nursing was peaked during her tenure as a community support worker in the Learning Disability Department at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, a post she currently works in. She decided to go back to school to gain her RN designation and attained her associate’s degree in nursing in May 2017.

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