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Road closure and traffic interruptions on 26 May at KEMH

Sunday 24 May 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board advises the public of a temporary road closure scheduled for Tuesday 26 May 2020 on the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) campus. The closure will affect both vehicular and pedestrian through traffic from approximately 6:30pm until midnight.

To facilitate the replacement of some of the beds in the KEMH General Wing and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, a container will travel to the KEMH site, interrupting the flow of traffic along Point Finger Road from approximately 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Tuesday.

The container will be positioned on the KEMH through road between the ambulance bays and the General Wing lobby from 6:30pm, necessitating the closure of that section of the KEMH road until approximately midnight.

During this period, emergency vehicles and people attending the Emergency Department should use the Point Finger Road entrance. Ambulances will enter and exit on Point Finger Road.

KEMH and the visitor parking lots will remain accessible from both Point Finger Road (Acute Care Wing) and Berry Hill Road (General Wing and Agape House). Traffic will not be able to travel between the General Wing lobby roundabout and Point Finger Road.

For your safety and the safety of others, please use caution and adhere to the barriers, signage and directions of the security officers.

Bermuda Hospitals Board apologises to the public for any inconvenience caused by the disruption.

KEMH Road Closure Map – 26May2020

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A COVID-19 birthday story

Tuesday 19 May 2020: Sixty-eight year old Mark (not his real name), did not have a cold and was not feeling sick but one day he suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

“I was very short of breath. If I took six steps I had to stop to catch my breath,” he says. “My wife wasn’t having me waiting. She said I might be having a heart attack and that I had to go to the hospital.”

Mark was not keen on the idea, but after his wife called the Health Department and they said he needed to get to the Emergency Department right away, he complied.

“I was very weak so they admitted me to the intensive care unit and that’s where I was introduced to the CPAP mask,” he recalls. “It is placed over your nose and mouth and pumps oxygen in at a furious rate. I had never experienced anything like that before. It was scary.

It was so hard for me to breathe. Using the CPAP didn’t hurt me at all. I wasn’t in any pain, but I was scared. If it hadn’t been for the nurses consoling me and calming me down, I may have had to go on a ventilator. And I kept telling them I didn’t want to be on a ventilator,” he says.

Mark says he had not wanted to use the CPAP machine either, but when the ICU doctors and nurses explained that his body was not getting sufficient oxygen, he regarded the CPAP as “the lesser of two evils”.

“Apparently the ventilator is a lot worse,” he says.

So he made an honest effort with the CPAP but doubts he would have made it all the way without the nurses.

“They were wonderful; they were there for me encouraging me every breath of the way. The biggest surprise I had when I was admitted, was to find out that some of the nurses in ICU are praying nurses. They actually prayed with me and over me. That really lifted my spirits and gave me the courage to continue with my CPAP mask. I give all the praise to the nurses there!

While his memory is cloudy, Mark says he had to use the mask for about three days.

“I guess after I came off the CPAP mask everything has been recovery. I haven’t experienced any pain or anything like that.”

However, he was weak and his condition serious enough that he remained in the ICU for 4 weeks. Eager to get better, he says the support and comfort afforded to him by the ICU physicians and nurses renewed his faith and fed his soul.

Elaine Campbell, MD ICU physician

BHB ICU physician Elaine Campbell, MD, was part of Mark’s care team.

On Tuesday 5 May he was discharged from ICU to a general ward. It was a great way to celebrate his 69th birthday and hospital staff were happy too.

“My phone blew up that day with calls from family and friends. I was so glad to be out of ICU and on a general ward that I couldn’t think straight. The hospital kitchen baked me a small cake and the nurses sang happy birthday.”

Although he was happy to move to his new room, he is now looking forward to returning home.

“I thank God for his mercy, his grace and his deliverance from this terrible virus,” he says.

“I feel like I am ready to go home. I don’t feel sick. I don’t think I’m displaying any symptoms or anything like that,” he says. “They want to wean me off the oxygen. I don’t have an expected discharge date yet, but I am talking to you freestyle (i.e. without needing to take a break or use supplemental oxygen), so I am ready to go home.

“If I look out the window, I can see the hill where I stay. I can see the neighbourhood. I am almost home.”

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BHB road traffic accident statistics from January-April 2020

Friday 15 May 2020: The Bermuda Hospitals Board reports the following road traffic accident statistics for the period 1 January – 30 April 2020:

  • 19 total cases were seen in the Emergency Department of KEMH
  • 3 persons were admitted to to an acute care unit

The full statistics are available in the table above. The low figures are likely due to the shelter in place order for COVID-19, which was in effect at the time.

You can download a pdf of the the table below.

2020 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 30 April

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31December

2018 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31December


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Please wear a mask to the hospital

Wednesday 29 April 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is asking members of the public who have a cloth mask, to please wear it if they need to come to the hospital. Most people are doing so and we are grateful. When members of the public wear a cloth mask at the hospital, it helps protect hospital staff.

BHB management and staff are committed to our community and want to make it clear that we will not turn people away who do not have, or have forgotten to wear a mask.

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Don’t delay seeking medical attention for emergencies

Tuesday 28 April 2020: While much attention is rightly and currently on COVID-19 cases, it is important to remember that people continue to have other medical emergencies such as strokes, heart attacks, serious infections, etc. King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department is open 24 hours every day and urges you not to delay in getting medical attention for any medical emergency you or a loved one may experience.

Please call your doctor or 911, just as you would have before the COVID-19 pandemic. Your condition could worsen if you do not get immediate medical attention.

28 April 2020 Home Page, News

BHB maximises space to cope with potential COVID-19 surge

Thursday 23 April 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board is continuing to increase clinical space in case there is a potential surge in COVID-19 cases.

Along with the additional negative pressure rooms in the Acute Care Wing (ACW), and an overflow Intensive Care Unit being opened in the surgical area of the ACW, this week, additional acute space has been completed in the old surgical area of the General Wing, and BHB is maximising all the buildings on its campus as potential swing space The goal is to increase the total acute care bed stock to about 200, up from the usual figure of 120.

To prepare the swing space, construction work was approved to continue by the Minister of National Security, in line with Shelter in Place Regulations, at Montrose Cottage at KEMH, and Hibiscus Cottage and Fairview Court at MWI, to ensure the additional space was ready for people to work in if needed.

Chief Operating Officer R. Scott Pearman comments: “A big thanks goes to our Facilities and Estates Department and our contractors, who have worked extremely hard to prepare additional clinical space in the hospital and swing space options outside the hospital building where non-acute, support or administrative services can temporarily relocate if needed. We will do everything we can to make sure we have the capacity to care for people with serious complications of covid-19, although our hope is that people abide by the shelter in place restrictions, and keep washing their hands, not touching their faces, and wearing masks when outside, as this will give us the best chance at being able to cope with all those who may need hospital care during this time.”

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BHB road traffic accident statistics for January to March 2020

Thursday 16 April 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics for the period 1 January – 31 March 2020 show the following:

  • 88 cases were seen in the Emergency Department (including the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre)
  • 8 people required admission to an acute ward
  • 0  minors were admitted to any ward
  • 1 of the cases seen in Emergency were tourists

You can download a pdf of the statistics by clicking the links below.

2020 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31 January

2020 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January -29 February

2020 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics 1 January – 31 March

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Police, Fire and Regiment salute KEMH staff

Wednesday 15 April 2020: At 7:30 pm on Tuesday 14 April, a motorcade of Police, Fire and Regiment vehicles attended King Edward VII Memorial Hospital to applaud staff for being on the front line of treating Bermuda’s severe COVID-19 patients. The event was timed to coincide with the normal shift change of nursing staff.  See the reaction below of BHB CEO Venetta Symonds.


15 April 2020 Home Page, News

Over $1 million raised by businesses for COVID-19 medical supplies

Wednesday 15 April 2020: Bermuda Hospitals Board today thanks international and local businesses in Bermuda who have collectively raised $1,044,000 to date for essential medical supplies and equipment, including personal protective equipment and ventilators.

CEO of Hiscox Bermuda, Mike Krefta, helped coordinate the industry’s fundraising efforts, which included contributions from Allied World, AmTrust Group, Aon, Ascot Bermuda, Aspen, Assured Guaranty, Australia-Japan Cable Limited, AXA XL, Axis, Bermuda Chiropractic Association, Bermuda Dental Association, Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers, Bermuda Medical Doctors Association, BF&M, Catalina Holdings, Chubb, Colonial, CPGB Insurance Management, Enstar, Fidelis, Fidelity International, Guy Carpenter, Hannover Re, Hiscox, Jardine Matheson, KPMG, Lancashire, Liberty Specialty Markets, Markel, MS Amlin, OIL & OCIL, Orbis Management, Par-La Ville Dental, QIC Global, Sompo International, Third Point Re, Transatlantic Re and Willis Re.

BHB CEO & President Venetta Symonds comments: “We are extremely grateful for this donation, which helps the hospitals, staff, patients and country by purchasing vital medical supplies at a time of great financial and social uncertainty. Thank you to our Chief of Nursing, Judy Richardson, who made the initial contact with Hiscox and detailed our needs. Our appreciation goes to the donors who are helping us care for those most seriously sick with COVID-19. We have prepared to the best of our ability to meet the potential challenges ahead and this donation means so much to us as we seek to protect and equip our staff and provide the critical care services people may need to save their lives. We thank you for your caring and support.”

Mr Krefta says: “Coronavirus is affecting all of us in some way, and so all of us must contribute to the response. I’d like to thank ABIR, ABIC, Richard Winchell Executive Director of ABIC, Myra Dill BMDA Communications Director and Bill Shields Chief Financial Officer of BHB for all their significant efforts in helping with this appeal.  I’m really proud of how Bermuda’s insurers, reinsurers, brokers, investment managers, local insurance companies, financial service companies and medical associations  have come together to support the hospital at this time, but like everyone I’m even prouder of the work that those on the frontline are doing, so I hope our collective contribution makes a real difference for them.”


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