Community Intellectual Disability Team unveils new aquatic therapies

Sunday 2 October 2022: Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Community Intellectual Disability Team (CIDT) highlighted new aquatic therapies at their Exceptional Fall BBQ Celebration yesterday.

Members of the community with intellectual disabilities, together with their family and friends, attended the free event at Clearwater Beach. Hosted by the CIDT, the social event was not only a fun get together for all, but also allowed BHB clinicians to showcase new aquatic therapies.

“Aquatic therapy is a form of therapeutic exercise done in water,” said Chris Cunningham, CIDT clinical manager. “It is especially beneficial to those with intellectual or developmental disabilities who don’t have access to land-based activities.

“We are also exploring some new ground with the aqua therapy happening in the ocean rather than in a regular pool setting. Not everyone has access to a swimming pool, so this opens up new possibilities with the added benefit of using the beautiful and unique beaches and ocean that surround the island. This may also give us opportunities for research on using the ocean for this type of therapy.”

“Aquatic therapy is a safe and effective alternative way for our clients and others with intellectual disabilities to get vitally important physical exercise,” said Sally Teixeira, CIDT physiotherapist.

“Here in Bermuda we just love the water. We are so excited to get this new therapeutic option started and to see the benefits for clients who utilise it,” she added.

The Exceptional Fall BBQ Celebration was the second social event the CIDT held this year. In June, to mark the first anniversary of the formation of the team, they held A Fete of Exceptionalities at the Warwick Parish Council Field.

Feedback from attendees there resulted in this second event.

“A Fete of Exceptionalities and Exceptional Fall BBQ Celebration are part of a series our Community Intellectual Disability Team has created, focusing on public engagement that highlights our goal of social inclusion for everyone,” said MWI Clinical Director of Intellectual Disability Morrisa Rogers.

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