20th Annual Pre-Heritage Day Parade Celebrates Bermuda’s Unique Culture

The 20th Annual Pre-Heritage Day Parade will kick off at 6:00pm on Thursday, 9 May at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI). Service users from MWI’s Learning Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation Programmes, along with clients from Child and Adolescent Services, community homes, Orange Valley School and the Opportunity Workshop will take part in the parade. Floats and costumes will reflect the theme “What a sight! Do you see that?” which focuses on Bermuda’s culture and scenery.

The occasion, which draws large crowds and is well-supported by the community, was originally created to provide an alternative for clients at MWI who were not able to attend the Bermuda Day festivities. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and has now become an event in its own right.

“Our parade promises to be an evening of family fun with activities, entertainment, music and food,” says Juliette Basden, Activities Coordinator for the Learning Disability Programme and organizer of the annual event. “No one will be disappointed with this year’s lively costumes and colourful floats.”

Preparations for the Pre-Heritage Day Parade have created a lot of excitement at MWI and a great deal of work goes into making the evening a dynamic and festive. “This is a wonderful opportunity for our clients to express their creativity and celebrate the approaching Heritage Day with the public,” said Ms. Basden.

Floats will be sponsored by the following:
• Vocational Rehabilitation: Bermuda map and pink sand, ‘Don’t bring sand to the beach’
• Child and Adolescent Services: Cricket ball and bat, ‘Who ya for? Somerset or St. Georges?’
• Opportunity Workshop: Kids play marbles, ‘Let’s play marbles for keeps’
• Orange Valley: Birds and cottage, ‘Three little birds by my doorstep’
• New Dimensions: Cruise ship in Hamilton, ‘I’m stressed- I need a vacation on a cruise’
• Stephen Rubenchek: Child catching a Bermuda Kite, ‘Run, catch the kite, it’s falling’

Adding to the entertainment will be various majorettes and dance troupes, Gombey’s and musical performers. Food stalls and children’s activities are also planned..

The parade begins at the parking lot for Turning Point and Learning Disability, off Devon Springs Rd. Parking will be available at the Elliott School parking lot, The Barn and the Recycling Plant. People wishing to attend are advised that Devon Springs Rd. will be closed at 5:45pm for the parade’s start at 6.00pm.


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