Construction & Infection Control in Hospitals Course Offered in Bermuda

Certificate Required for Construction Managers Who Want to Work on Hospital Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Projects

Bermuda Hospitals Board today encourages construction professionals interested in working on projects at the hospital to attend a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Course about infection control during construction on 19 May 2011, from 8.30am to 4.30pm at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Conference Room. Completion of this course is a
pre-requisite for construction managers who want to work on hospital construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

BHB’s Clinical Manager of Infection Prevention, Linda Rothwell RN BN CIC, comments: “Our primary concern is the safety of our patients, visitors and staff. Construction, renovation and maintenance activities can be a significant cause of potentially fatal infections for the occupants of hospitals and CSA’s standard on Infection Control during Construction, Renovation or Maintenance of Health Care Facilities addresses measures necessary to help control the risk. We urge anyone in the construction industries to attend if they wish to bid for work at the hospitals. This is not just for the new hospital construction, but for any construction work on our existing facilities too.”

BHB has arranged for the CSA trainer, Gordon Burrill, to come to Bermuda so that local construction industry workers have the opportunity to take the course here in Bermuda, without the additional cost of travelling. The cost of the course is $600.

Ms Rothwell adds: “Bermuda Hospitals Board policy requires compliance with CSA standards, and supervisory staff involved in construction, renovation or maintenance projects on any BHB site must have this CSA certificate. To date, 111 people have attended the course, 31 BHB staff and 80 external professionals. This will be the fourth time we have bought Mr Burrill over from CSA to Bermuda.”

The seminar has been developed by CSA for Construction Managers, Infection Prevention and Control personnel, Occupational Health and Hygiene Professionals, Maintenance Mangers and Construction, engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians and Superintendents in health care facilities.

This Fundamentals course addresses the content of the standard including:
• Risk factors and sources of health care facilities infections
• Effective procedures during construction, renovation and maintenance
• Infection prevention and control measures for renovation projects

Spaces are limited, and anyone wishing to enrol should call Linda Rothwell at 239-1201, or email


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