World Blood Donor Day Honours Bermuda´s True Heroes

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) and the Bermuda Red Cross joined together today to thank blood donors in the community as part of World Blood Donor Day on Thursday 14 June and also to ask anyone interesting in donating to contact them.

There are approximately 2,000 people on the blood donor list in Bermuda, although not all are able to regularly donate. This equates to about 3% of the resident population.

“We are so very grateful to our regular donors who give such a wonderful gift to the community,” comments Barbara Cooper, Chairperson of the Bermuda Red Cross Blood Donor Centre. “Almost 80 people joined our donor ranks following our call for help in May and we would like to thank them. Every donor makes a difference to patients´ lives.”

“People need blood for many different reasons, including sickle cell patients, anaemic patients, surgical patients and road traffic accident victims,” explains Dr Betsie Lombard, Medical Director of Blood Transfusion Services at BHB. “We would really like to expand our donor base so that we can continue to manage emergencies and regular patient needs. We also need people who can specifically donate platelets, as fewer people are eligible to donate this blood product due to minimum weight restrictions. Over 500 patients a year need blood, although demand can vary widely month by month. Donating blood is therefore a gift that saves hundreds of lives each year in Bermuda and it only costs half an hour of your time.”

Dr Lombard adds: “We are also grateful for the generous support from Bermuda Red Cross volunteers who help staff the Blood Donor Centre and the financial donors who enable us to purchase much-needed equipment. Many contribute towards our service, and earlier this year a generous donation from the late David Anfossi and his family helped purchase a Trima Accell Blood Collection Machine that is now in use and helping us care for people in Bermuda who need blood. All of us at the Blood Donor Centre would like to remember this kind donation and highlight their contribution as we thank all donors on World Blood Donor Day.”

To become a blood donor, please call 236-5067.


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