BHB announce revised opening date

(Hamilton, Bermuda – Monday 27 January 2014) Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces that acute care services will move to the new Acute Care Wing in mid-September rather than June as had been originally anticipated at the start of the construction project. The new date is due to changes in the design of the mechanical and electrical systems. This has resulted in a completion date 10-weeks later than anticipated on 12 June 2014. Following completion there will be three months of preparation, orientation and training activities, after which staff, services and patients can be safely transferred.
The ten weeks of additional work will also be welcome news to local construction workers on the site of the new Acute Care Wing. The Point Finger Road site is Bermuda’s largest ever construction project and the current daily workforce figures there exceed 500.
BHB President and CEO Venetta Symonds said: “Bermuda needs the new Acute Care Wing and I look forward to it opening to the public later this year. We understand the delay and had made provisions in our contract with the developers in case this happened. Because we had that foresight, the delay does not represent any additional cost to BHB. All additional construction costs due to the June handover date are being borne by the contractors – Paget Health Services.
“We have an excellent relationship with Paget Health Services and, despite this slight delay, great progress has been achieved. It is exciting to see the scaffolding coming down to reveal the new facility and last month we very pleased to show the Cabinet how much had been completed inside.”
Paget Heath Services said: “We are committed to delivering Bermuda Hospitals Board with the first class facility it stipulated and which the Bermuda community deserves. We recognise the positive impact the new schedule has on local construction and while we do not anticipate significant further increases in our workforce, we will continue to keep the ratio of Bermudians and spouses of Bermudians at the 60- percent level which we have maintained throughout the construction period.”
BHB Redevelopment Director James Campbell said: “We pay careful attention to ensure the construction is meeting the prescribed international standards. It is our intention to provide the Island with a premiere facility that enables the highest quality of healthcare to be afforded to the community.
“According to the contract, the completion payment and the monthly service payments will not be made to Paget Health Services until the building has been completed to the buildings specifications and to the satisfaction of the project’s independent certifier. Paget Health Services also has to maintain the building and the numerous mechanical and electrical systems to set performance criteria until 2044. This gives us great confidence that high quality standards are being adhered to.
“We look forward to keeping the community informed of our progress as we prepare to move in September 2014.”
The BHB Redevelopment Project broke ground in January 2011 and is expected to be complete this year. In December over 1.6 million man hours had been completed. The following list details the breakdown of workers by job type, although not all trades are on the site every day: BCM McAlpine management team and supervision – 36; BCM McAlpine direct labour – 24; general labourers and cleaners – 26; carpenters and form workers – 20; drywallers and ceiling fixers – 95; rubber and terrazzo flooring workers – 20; painters – 14; rebar – 6; steel erectors and welders – 7; masons – 10; ground workers/landscaping – 15; EIFS Installers – 25; electricians including supervision – 80; mechanical/plumbing including supervision – 105; roofers – 5; window installers – 5; elevator installers – 3; scaffolders – 5; insulators – 12 and Security – 4.


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