Danny Moore Appointed as Director of Facilities

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces the appointment of Mr Danny Moore as Director of Facilities. He replaces Mr Geoff Yeomans, who will be moving the role of Principal Engineer. Mr Moore reports to Mrs Venetta Symonds, Deputy CEO, and he will be responsible for the maintenance and infrastructure upgrades in all BHB facilities.

Mr Moore joined BHB a year ago as Manager of Facilities. As a Bermudian, he went through BHB’s Succession Planning Programme, which identified his potential to be promoted to more senior roles. He has been appointed to this vital management position following assessment, development and a review of performance to date Mr Moore.

Although born in Bermuda, Mr Moore worked in the UK from 1987 to 1995 for the Ministry of Defence and Mobil Oil in technical and analytical roles. After returning to the Island in 1996, Mr Moore worked for the Public Transport Board for 11 years in increasingly senior roles, starting as Technical Services Officer and ending as Assistant Director. From 2007, he was Superintendant of Marine & Ports, before joining BHB in 2010. Mr Moore has a degree from Loughborough University in Transport Management & Planning and a Diploma in Industrial Studies. He has also studied System Dynamics for Senior Managers and Strategic & Business Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2005/6.

Mrs Symonds comments: “I am very pleased to be able to appoint such a capable and experienced candidate to this position. Danny is taking on an extremely important position and will be responsible for upgrading our facilities at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. It is also very gratifying to see the success of our succession planning programme. The goal of this programme is to identify and prepare Bermudians to succeed in more senior positions. In the long run this enables us to promote internally, which is proven internationally to provide high quality, stable leadership and saves the high costs of recruitment.”

Mr Symonds adds: “I am also very pleased that Geoff will remain with us as Principal Engineer. When he was appointed as Director of Facilities in 2010, it was part of his job to identify and develop a Bermudian for this position. While this has happened ahead of schedule, retaining Geoff’s extensive technical expertise in hospitals as we redevelop our facilities is a major benefit to the redevelopment project.”


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