Acute Care Wing opens next week

We are now in the final stages of the transition period during which BHB have been undertaking final training, trial movement of patients from the existing facility to the ACW and maintaining the security of the new wing. BCM McAlpine has been completing the last deficiencies to the clinical areas and final clean prior to BHB completing the clinical clean. Paget Health Services (PHS) has commenced the facilities management (FM) works through their FM services provider, Black & McDonald.
What’s happening inside
• Training: Final training of BHB staff is ongoing and the final DI training is about to commence.
• Security: BHB is now in control of security within the building.
• Environmental Services: BHB has now commenced the clinical clean of the floors in preparation for opening.
• Information Technology Services (ITS): BHB’s ITS team has been busy installing computers on the clinical floors and other associated equipment.
• BIO-Med: BHB’s bio-med team are carrying out the calibration, cleaning and installation of mobile medical equipment
• Clinical Areas: Floors 5, 4, 3 & 2 have now been taken over by BHB for clinical cleaning. The Ground and First floors will be ready for clinical cleaning 6 September.
• Link Connections: The Link works are complete apart from a final builders clean. BHB has tested movement of patients, materials, food and laundry services between the General Wing and the new Acute Care Wing.
• Mechanical plant rooms: Final balancing of equipment, controls integration is taking place to complete the Building Automation System (BAS).
• Installation of artwork: All artwork has been installed along with the Donor Recognition plaques.
• Certificate of Completion and Occupation: ongoing inspections and testing of life safety systems by BFRS has been ongoing with the final inspection scheduled for the 5th September. Following final sign off the Department of Planning will issue the Certificate of Completion and Occupancy.
• The Move: Preparations are in place to move transfer items medical equipment and medical records from the General Wing to the ACW over the move-in weekend.
What’s happening outside

• The outside of the building is complete.

• Hard landscaping is complete. The engraved donor pavers have been installed through the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust.

• Soft landscaping is complete apart from additional planting to a few areas.

• Final installation and commissioning of the few remaining cameras and duress stations has been completed.

• The contractor’s site offices will be removed over the weekend of the 6th and 7th September.

Visit the Acute Care Wing on Facebook at AcuteCare Bermuda.


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