King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Announces 2007 Auxiliaries of the Year

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) recently announced the 2007 Auxiliaries of the Year. Bernard Joinville, a nursing orderly on the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorder Unit (ARDU) and Bernadette Wilson, a rehabilitation aide were selected from a short list of six candidates.

“Aides and assistants play a significant role at KEMH,” explains Director of Nursing and Allied Health, Kathy- Ann Lewis. “In addition to assisting nurses and other healthcare professionals, they take on many day-to-day patient care duties and spend a great deal of time interacting with patients. Their contribution to quality care is absolutely vital at the hospitals.”

Mr. Joinville was honoured to be selected as Auxiliary of the Year. “I love my work because I spend a great deal of time with patients and really get to know them well,” he said. “I learn to understand what they need and want, even in circumstances when they are not able to communicate clearly.”

Bernadette Wilson attended Howard University and studied physiotherapy before returning to Bermuda to work at KEMH in 2000.

“My knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very useful in understanding the course of disease and how it affects mobility in every day function,” said Ms. Wilson. “I work with physio and occupational therapists who observe the progress of patients daily. We work together to offer the best course of rehabilitation for their needs.”

Approximately140 nursing aides, assistants and orderlies are employed at KEMH. They provide support to registered nurses and take on many patient care duties, such as bathing, hair care, feeding, range of motion exercises, taking vital signs and dressing. Auxiliaries work on almost every ward and department at both hospitals.


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