Bermuda Hospitals Board Centre for Cancer Care Opens

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the opening of a new Centre for Cancer Care. The new centre brings BHB’s Chief of Oncology and the chemotherapy treatment team under one roof.

The Centre is located in a renovated section of the “Old Hospital” building off Point Finger Road. The new location offers added convenience to patients because the centre has designated parking bays immediately adjacent to the building, and is located close to public transportation.

Six chemotherapy treatment bays will be available to patients, and the Centre will house the oncologist’s office and a multi-purpose room that will be used for family conferences and team meetings.

The renovated centre is an interim solution for cancer care patients until BHB’s new Ambulatory Care Centre is completed in five years’ time. Wendell Hollis, Deputy Chairman of BHB says, “The Board recognised that we couldn’t wait; we had to improve our cancer patients’ experience now”.

Dr. Terence Sparling, Chief of Oncology, adds, “This is another step in the evolution of cancer care in Bermuda. I’m grateful for the foresight of BHB and the support of the Ministry of Health in making this Centre possible. In collaboration with overseas partners like Dana Farber in Boston and local organisations, we continue to strive to provide the highest and best standard of care available.”

Minister of Health Nelson Bascome, JP MP, offers his congratulations to BHB.”The Ministry knows that many people in Bermuda are facing or will face a cancer diagnosis, and we know that providing cancer care is vital. The new Centre for Cancer Care is an important part of providing that care, and I congratulate BHB on this achievement”.

“Patient care and improving our patients’ experience is at the centre of all we do at BHB,” says Venetta Symonds, Deputy CEO of BHB. “I’m very pleased that patients will have a convenient and attractive place to receive care that improves their comfort and dignity. I’d like to thank our oncologist and dedicated team of chemotherapy nurses for their ongoing work to support our cancer patients.”

Bermuda Hospitals Board Centre for Cancer Care expects to be receiving patients in about ten days.


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