Acute Care Wing weekly project update: Dialysis

Construction of the Dialysis Unit in the new Acute Care Wing is complete and while not fitted with all the necessary equipment and furniture just yet, the Bermuda Hospitals Board is happy to share the progress with the public.
The 11,846 square foot area is significantly larger than the Beresford Swan Dialysis Unit where treatments are currently given.

BHB President and CEO Venetta Symonds said: “A larger facility is definitely needed in order for us to adequately treat the increasing number of dialysis patients in Bermuda. In 1984, in need of more space to treat the increased numbers of patients back then, the unit moved from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital to its current location with 27 patients. Last June there were 142 dialysis patients’ on-island and now, less than a year later, that number has grown to 163.”

In the new wing, the dialysis unit has 22 treatment bays. This means each day, 15 additional people will be able to use the service. In a large airy area with lots of natural light, 20 of the treatment bays will be arranged in stations of four. There will also be two single rooms. These rooms provide for privacy/isolation when required and are current best practice for haemodialysis units.

Dialysis will be on the first floor of the new wing and will be accessible only by elevator. An examination/consult room will be on the unit. This means that patients who also have to meet the nephrologist will be able to do so in the same area. Convenient and practical, designing the unit in this way facilitates better patient service. Also on the floor is a room where minor procedures can performed. Two nursing stations will be used to facilitate the increase in patient treatment stations.

The Dialysis Unit will move to the new Acute Care Wing this September. Patients and the public will be informed of the exact dates and details on such things as parking and pick-up.

If you have any questions about departments and services moving to the new wing, please contact Cathy Stovell on 239-1006 or email her on

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