Do you see what I see? Take a closer look! MindFrame PhotoVoice 2013 Launches

Bermuda Hospitals Board today invites the community to come and support the launch of the annual MindFrame PhotoVoice Exhibition at the Bermuda Society of Arts on Friday 11 October from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

The MindFrame PhotoVoice Exhibition is a presentation of creative work by service users of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI). This year’s theme, ‘Do you see what I see? Take a closer look!’ includes over 55 submissions of art, photography, jewelry and creative writing from approximately 80 service users. The exhibition runs until Wednesday 29 October.

MWI Art Therapist, Reilly Ingham, who worked with service users to produce the exhibit says: “Art therapy allows people to explore their feelings and experiences through artistic expression. It increases insight and helps people cope with physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Art-making gives service users an opportunity to communicate with each other through visual conversations and storytelling where everyone can be seen, heard, and respected. While preparing for the exhibit, service users showed excitement and pride in their artwork, wanting to share their experience with the public. This exhibit allows community members to interact with service users in a positive way and to see people for their artistic ability, rather than for their mental illness.”

This year service users from Reid Ward, Somers Ward, Somers Annex, and Work Activity have participated in the exhibit. In addition, Work Activity and Somers Ward service users contributed as participants in a group project.

Morrisa Rogers, Clinical Supervisor for Allied Health at MWI, comments: “People recovering from mental health issues are often stigmatized and marginalized in everyday life. This exhibition gives people who are often not heard in society a creative voice in a community setting. We invite the public to attend the exhibit and learn about the world from the perspective of people who have faced mental health challenges.”


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