Bermuda Medical Students’ Society Hosts Special Event for Local Students

The Bermuda Medical Students’ Society (BMSS) is organising a special event open to all Bermudian students interested in becoming physicians.

“So You Want to Be a Doctor?” is a free presentation scheduled for Monday evening, 16 August at 5:30pm in the First Floor Conference Room at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

The BMSS was established to counsel and assist Bermudian medical students in all phases of training as they progress through their requirements and seek job placements in Bermuda as physicians.

Alisha Gabriel, BMSS Chair, said: “Our goal is to provide opportunities, advice and support to students in our community who are seeking a career path in medicine. The presentation on the 16 August will bring together Bermudian medical students with young people in our community who will hear first-hand about what’s involved in earning a medical degree. Students attending the presentation will be given tips and advice to make the process easier as they begin the journey toward becoming a doctor.”

The BMSS plans to assist all Bermudian medical students and help them network and find mentors.

“Becoming a physician is a long and tedious journey but a wonderful career,” said Ms. Gabriel. “We want to help make the journey easier by providing advice and encouragement to young people on the Island who have already decided to go into medicine or who are thinking about this career choice. We hope anyone with an interest in becoming a physician will attend the presentation on 16 August and hear directly from Bermudian students and doctors already on their way.”

Dr Thomas, Chief of Staff at BHB, adds: “BHB actively supports Bermudians training as physicians. Our long term strategic plan includes sustaining Bermudian medical staff and leadership in the years ahead. We are very pleased the BMSS is a resource for young Bermudians who will go on to be our next generation of physicians. We hope to see many of them turn out on 16 August.”

Students planning to attend the presentation are asked to kindly confirm by e-mailing or viewing the event on Facebook (Bermuda Medical Students´ Society)


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