Bermuda Hospitals Board Salutes Nursing Professionals

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) will mark Nurses Week 2009 with a special luncheon for its nursing professionals at Camden House on May 15.

The theme* for Nurses’ Week this year, “Delivering Quality, Serving Communities, Nurses Leading Care Innovations,” highlights the significant improvements in the health of patients, populations and health systems that result from nursing initiatives.

David Hill, CEO BHB, said, “Nurses play a vital role in healthcare. They head up specialized clinics at the hospital in such areas as diabetes, mental health, asthma and wound care. They are often the first and primary point of contact for medical care. Because they are on the front lines, they are in a unique position to evaluate patient needs and offer innovative solutions to gaps in service. Our skilled, experienced and professional nurses are at the heart of this community’s healthcare services.”

Five BHB nurses were among those nominated for Nurse of the Year. Cilmaria Outerbridge, perioperative educator at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and one of the nominees, said, “Nurses are engaged in innovative activities on a daily basis, motivated by the desire to improve patient outcomes and the need to reduce healthcare costs. Many of these initiatives have resulted in significant improvements in health systems. We are pleased Nurses’ Week focuses attention on these important contributions.”

With a workforce of over 500, nurses comprise the largest group of healthcare professionals at the hospitals. Nurses work throughout KEMH and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, in administration, asthma care, diabetes, education services, hyperbaric and wound management, infection control, intensive care, information systems, maternity, mental health, oncology, paediatrics, quality and risk, rehabilitation services and substance abuse.

“Innovative solutions by nurses represent a vital element in addressing current and future health challenges,” said Judy Richardson, BHB Acting Chief Nurse, Quality and Risk Officer. “These challenges include an aging population, possible global pandemics, inadequate healthcare resources and work force shortages. The need for innovative solutions has never been greater as medical experts struggle to provide equitable, safe and effective services, while containing costs. Our hospitals and our community are grateful to nursing professionals for their role in providing quality patient care.”

* Nurses’ Week theme established by the International Council of Nurses.


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