Hospital’s Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiac Education Programmes Move to Devonshire

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces the temporary move of its Diabetes Education Centre, Asthma Education Centre and Cardiac Care Education Programme to the newly renovated Fairview Court facility on the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute campus in Devonshire. These services are collectively called Chronic Disease Management (CDM). It does not include the Cardiac Diagnostic Unit (ECG, Echo, Stress tests, etc) which will remain on the third floor of KEMH. CDM will be moving this weekend and be open for clients on Monday 8 November 2010.

The move gives these services more space and better accommodation while the new acute care facility on the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) campus is constructed. These vital programmes will be delivered from the new facility when it opens in 2014.

Acting VP of Nursing and Director of Outpatient Services, Norma Smith comments: “While this is a temporary move, we are very excited to be moving into a newly renovated facility that has been upgraded specifically for these services. Currently, like most services at KEMH, our staff and clients have experienced a great service in a very cramped environment. We are looking forward to our final move into the new facility in three years, but in the mean time we have more space, dedicated parking and a much more appropriate environment for this service.

Fairview Court is accessible from the entrance on Devon Springs Road. Clients should turn up onto this road from Hermitage Road, then continue and turn left at the MWI sign. They then follow this entrance road past the Turning Point car park, through to Fairview Court where there is a client drop off point and dedicated parking.

The area vacated by CDM in the KEMH facility will be used the Centre for Cancer Care. The Centre for Cancer Care provides oncology services, such as chemotherapy, and is currently in the old hospital which will be demolished to make way for the new facility at the turn of the year.

Attachment 1: CDM Move Details


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