Bermuda Hospitals Board and the National Training Board Launch New Training Initiative

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) and the National Training Board (NTB) are sponsoring five Bermudian young men to study mechanical engineering technology at Cambrian College in Ontario, Canada.

Roland Rhones, Jonathan Virgil, Damen Mallory, Jamel Minors and Shaun Burrows are part of a new training initiative and will receive instruction over the next four years in the basic scientific principles of chemical, mechanical and civil engineering technology.

Their studies will prepare them for occupations related to mechanical and automation technology, power plant equipment and systems and energy management.

Carlton Fubler, BHB Acting Facilities Manager, set the initiative in motion with assistance from BHB’s Workforce Development Committee. “There is a great need for Bermudians to fill positions at the hospital and throughout the island in the field of maintenance,” he said. “We look forward to hiring these men in our Estates and Facilities Directorate when they return to Bermuda.”

Michael Stowe, Executive Officer for the NTB, recognizes the industry is moving away from specialist training in particular trades. “The trend now is for employees to be trained in multiple disciplines,” he said. “A range of technical courses at Cambrian College will provide broad-based knowledge and prepare these students for employment in a range of fields and in particular, for power engineering.”

Three of the candidates are currently either full or part time employees at BHB and were chosen because they demonstrated mechanical inclination and expressed enthusiasm for their work.

“These young men have shown great potential and have a good foundation in the basics,” adds Mr. Fubler. “They will be given an opportunity to gain experience at overseas hospitals and places of industry before returning to Bermuda as valuable assets to our community.”

Jonathan Virgil looks forward to his studies and plans to pursue a career at the hospital when he returns. “I am excited about learning new skills and receiving hands-on training,” he said. “I am very grateful for this opportunity.”


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