Pembroke Rotary Helps MWI Clients Snap into Action

Bermuda Hospitals Board today thanks the Pembroke Rotary Club for its generous donation towards PhotoVoice: Can You Hear Me Now?, a project organized by occupational therapists (OT) for clients who attend the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute.

Pembroke Rotary club members donated $4300 to cover the cost of printing 50 photos on canvas, as well as having them framed. The photos were taken by 15 clients involved in the project and will be displayed at City Hall next month as part of an annual exhibition of client art called Mind Frame.

Bob Wood, past President of Pembroke Rotary Club and Barbara Edwards, Public Relations Director at Pembroke Rotary said “We would like to express gratitude to OT, Teresa Law, for opening our hearts and eyes to this project. We are very pleased to support PhotoVoice and hope the community will join us by attending the opening of Mind Frame at City Hall on October 16.”

PhotoVoice encourages clients to express themselves through photography. Professional photographers Tamell Simons of the Royal Gazette and Neville Trott of the Department of Communications and Information volunteered their time and skill providing instruction to clients during classes that began in the spring.

“Art gives a creative voice to people who are often marginalized due to the stigma of mental health,” said Teresa Law. “Exhibiting art and photography created by our clients gives the community an insight into the experience of people with mental health challenges and a greater appreciation of our clients’ talents. Pembroke Rotary’s generous support has made this exhibition a reality for our clients.”

Dennis DeCosta, a participant in the project, said, “This has been a good experience for me. Being trusted with a camera that wasn’t mine was nice and I enjoyed taking a lot of pictures. I like working with other people and getting to know them. I felt I wasn’t alone.”

PhotoVoice, in collaboration with Mind Frame, is produced in partnership with the Bermuda Society of the Arts and will open at City Hall on 16 October and run through 4 November.


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