Outpatient Pharmacy RFP For New Acute Care Wing Issued

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today issued a request for proposal for a vendor to operate a retail pharmacy in the new acute care wing of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. The retail pharmacy will be for outpatients and the community, with BHB’s Pharmacy Department continuing to provide all pharmacy support for inpatients and other clinical services, such as oncology.

BHB currently runs an outpatient pharmacy, but this is a non-core business, which uses limited resources that could be used to improve the quality of inpatient services. There will be no redundancies, as the two pharmacist positions that cover the outpatient pharmacy will be redeployed to inpatient duties to strengthen pharmacy support to patients, doctors and nurses on the wards.

The official tender document will be available from Friday 25 October to Tuesday 29 October 2013, and completed proposals must be submitted by close of business on Monday 25 November 2013. The document can be requsted from Mr Anthony Hunter, Procurement Manager, by Tuesday 29 October at Anthony.hunter@bhb.bm.

Chief Operating Officer, Scott Pearman, comments: “The additional space in the new acute care wing suits the operation of traditional retail pharmacy. This will improve the outpatient pharmacy service when we move in 2014 as our current service at KEMH is very limited in space and in opening hours. BHB is not in a position to make the additional capital or personnel investment to run this improved service, but there are pharmacy businesses in the community who can do so. BHB will work closely with the successful vendor to ensure certain special drugs remain available for people entitled to Government drug subsidy programmes, based on the same pricing model as is currently offered by BHB. Additionally, while vendors will be encouraged to be creative on what can be offered, certain items may be subject to non-compete agreements with our longstanding partners, the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda who will continue to run the Gift Shop and Pink Café. We look forward to working with the successful bidder, and also being able to focus our resources on ensuring quality care for all inpatients.”


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