Photos Requested for the First Ever Breastfed Baby Photo Exhibit

The Ministry of Health, Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) and La Leche League (LLL) today announce the launch of Bermuda’s first ever Breastfed Baby Photo Exhibit.

Designed to promote breastfeeding and increase breastfeeding rates in our community, the project is calling for families to submit photos of breastfed babies over the next ten months. The photos will be displayed at the Bermuda Society of Arts, City Hall, as part of World Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August 2010.

The Honourable Minister Walter Roban, MP, JP, said: “Breastfeeding protects babies from illness, lowers cancer risks for mothers, reduces healthcare costs for communities, provides financial savings for families and has a positive impact on the environment. We hope mothers who choose to breastfeed will support this project by sending in photos of their babies.”

Dr. Cheryl Peek-Ball of the Department of Health said: “The World Health Organization and healthcare professionals in our community recommend babies be exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Unfortunately, we know breastfeeding rates in Bermuda are low and we hope this campaign will encourage more mothers to nurse their newborns. Breastfeeding promotes optimal growth and development for babies.”

Belinda Rogers, Registered Nurse with BHB’s maternity department said: “In addition to being the healthiest way to nourish babies, breastfeeding provides many short and long-term health benefits for mothers. Women who nurse their babies reduce their risk factors for three of the most serious diseases that affect women: female cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis.”

Melony Kendell, Accredited La Leche League Leader said: “With proper support, information and encouragement, women can successfully breastfeed. We urge moms to ask for help if they are facing difficulties.”

Families are encouraged to submit photos of babies who were breastfed for about five or six months. Selected photos will be displayed in an exhibit at City Hall from 13 to 31 August 2010. Photos of breastfed newborns will also be accepted and displayed in a newborn section of the exhibit. The deadline for submissions if July 1, 2010.

BHB, the Department of Health and LLL would like to thank mothers Erica Cann, Fredericka Taylor and Lillian Joell and their babies for joining us today in launching our first ever Breastfed Baby Photo exhibit.

Exhibit Details:
• Exhibit open to babies born after 1 July 2008 who were either breastfed or received breast milk for approximately five to six months. Photos of breastfed newborns will also be accepted & displayed under a special newborn section.
• Photos may be of baby alone or with family members.
• Photos should be 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10. Other sizes may be considered.
• Email JPEG photos to or mail printed photos to: Public Relations Dept., Bermuda Hospitals Board, Box HM 1023, HM DX by 1 July 2010. Printed photos may also be dropped off at the Front Desk of the Hospital. Include name of baby, parent, phone numbers, email address & baby’s date of birth.
• Selected photos will be displayed during World Breastfeeding Week in August 2010.
• For further information, phone 737-4577, email or visit

About La Leche League
La Leche League of Bermuda (LLL), a registered charity, has assisted thousands of women and their families in Bermuda since 1987 by offering information, encouragement and support for breastfeeding. Affiliated with La Leche League International (LLLI), the local Group is fully funded by donations from within Bermuda and offers services without charge, provided by accredited Leaders. LLL promotes and protects breastfeeding through monthly support meetings, a home visit service, information sharing with healthcare professionals and a telephone help line. Breastfeeding assistance is available by calling 737-4577.


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