Last week to see MWI client art and photography at BSOA

Tuesday 12 October 2021: This year’s art and photography exhibit by clients of Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI), called the MindFrame PhotoVoice Exhibit, will be open until Tuesday 19 October for viewing at the Bermuda Society of Arts in City Hall.

Jordan Fairn, Art Psychotherapist, who runs the art therapy sessions at MWI, says: “MWI clients were asked to submit art and photography on the theme of ‘Weathering the Storm’ and we have some wonderful and creative pieces. It’s unfortunate that this year our exhibit coincided with the worst COVID-19 surge Bermuda has experienced, so we couldn’t have the usual opening night. However, the theme of resilience, of managing through the tough times, is something that is perhaps even more meaningful after the last few weeks and even years, as we all take a closer look at our mental health and stamina throughout the pandemic. I hope people can visit the Bermuda Society of Arts before we close.”

As in previous years, the MindFrame PhotoVoice Exhibit gives clients of MWI a space in which to share their expressions, perspectives and experiences through a variety of different media. This year there is drawing, painting, collage, photography and sculpture. Works can be purchased, and the artists receive part of the profits.

“Every individual has a unique perspective on the world and the MindFrame PhotoVoice gives our clients a space in which to share their creativity and thoughts with the wider community,” Says Jordan. “It is a unique exhibition, and we hope people come by. The gallery is open 10am to 4pm weekdays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.”



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