Operating Room Nurses at KEMH Receive Training to Assist Anesthesiologists

Four operating room nurses recently completed the first formalized training course being offered at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) that qualifies nurses to assist anesthesiologists during surgery. The intensive, onsite course was developed from materials provided by the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, Scotland.

The eight-week programme includes modules on preparing patients for anesthesia, maintenance and monitoring, emergencies in anesthesia and recovery and postoperative care.

Cil-maria Outerbridge, peri-operative educator and course instructor said, “Nurses from other jurisdictions, such as the USA, are not specifically trained in how to assist anesthesiologists. This programme was designed to provide specialized instruction to OR nurses who will now have the skills to assist our anesthesiologists.”

As new nurses join the KEMH surgical team, they will be required to take the training course.

“BHB is committed to providing continuing education for staff members,” add Ms. Outerbridge. “This programme offers consistent training and prepares members of the nursing surgical team to fulfill the role of an anesthetic nurse.”

Marvil Morris, operating room nurse and course graduate, said, “I was pleased for the opportunity to broaden my skill set. The training increased my proficiency in the operating room.”

“This course would not have been possible without assistance from OR nurses Jennifer Heatherly and Andrew Westheard, who helped develop the programme,” adds Ms. Outerbridge. “We also extend appreciation to our anesthesiologists, who teach the practical component.”


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