Hospitals Announces Partnership with International Teleradiology Corporation

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is pleased to announce its collaboration with Australian-based International Teleradiology Corporation (ITC). Launched on March 1, this partnership assigns the task of reading scanned images to ITC, who will be providing after hours support primarily to the emergency department.

Since the introduction of computerized temography (CT scan) at BHB almost 20 years ago, the emergency department has come to rely heavily on this technology to provide accurate and timely diagnoses. With an ever-increasing proportion of emergency department visits requiring CT scans, networking with ITC provides a viable option for physicians who need instant access to studies in the middle of the night. Using Board Certified Radiologists, ITC assures the highest quality reporting, using images that are digitized and transferred through broadband Internet service. This process allows for accurate and quick responses in real time. All digital data is encrypted to ensure confidentiality.

Dr. Stephen Witchell, Clinical Director of MRI at BHB, explained the value this service affords to patients. “The nature of the emergency department is to provide service 24/7, 365 days a year. Physicians require CT images to be interpreted by specialists. Because of time zones, Australia is ideal for Bermuda, as radiologists will be awake and alert during times we need this service.”

Used globally, teleradiology greatly improves service to referring physicians by drastically reducing the response time of radiologists. Medical care is shifting to emergency departments and demands on radiological services are growing rapidly. Introducing broadband imaging technology at BHB’s emergency department will improve service by optimizing accuracy and reducing the time required to receive results. With hundreds of CT scans ordered by emergency physicians annually, this new service is facilitating early diagnoses and correct patient treatment.

“Radiologists at ITC typically hold specialty credentials in three jurisdictions- the USA, the U.K. and Australia. They are well-trained and highly qualified professionals, who are organized and alert during our after-hours. We are fortunate to have access to this level of expertise, since rapid reporting will now be available to patients at night and during the weekends,” said Dr. Witchell.


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