Bermuda Hospitals Board CEO Selection Process Update

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) announces that the search for a new Chief Executive Officer is going according to schedule. The current search was initiated in February 2006 and the Board intends to announce the successful candidate before the end of summer.

BHB retained PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct a multi-jurisdictional search for a replacement for Mrs. Joan Dillas-Wright, who retired as the Chief Executive Officer after a 42 year career, that included over 30 years with BHB and the last three as leader of Bermuda’s predominant healthcare institution. The deadline for applications was April 28, 2006. The advertising and search campaign yielded significant interest with 270 candidates expressing an interest in the post from across North America, Europe, Australia, the West Indies and other parts of the world.

Anthony Richardson, Chairman of Bermuda Hospitals Board said, “I am pleased with the search process to date and the number of responses from such high caliber talent, which indicates the level of international respect for our Hospitals and health system. The caliber of response will make the CEO Selection Committee’s job very difficult at this juncture. The Selection Committee will work with PricewaterhouseCoopers over the next several weeks to shortlist the most suitably qualified candidates for driving the hospital forward.”

BHB is in the process of embarking upon a major new phase of development that will see the replacement of the aged King Edward VII Memorial Hospital facility in favour of a new state-of-the-art facility to be built at one of the sites recommended in the 2005 Estate Master Plan. The new CEO will be expected to assume a leadership role in bringing the new campus on-line, whilst maintaining operations and strengthening the Board’s succession plan for developing internal talent.

The selection of the next Chief Executive Officer of BHB is crucial to initiating the execution of the Board’s healthcare strategy for the first half of this century. Consequently, the CEO Selection Committee is moving expediently but with the utmost due diligence. The public should look forward to future updates as we cross major milestones in the search process.

Mr. Richardson continued, “BHB acknowledges Mrs. Venetta Symonds who has accepted the role of Acting CEO, effective April 1, 2006, until we complete the current recruitment process for a CEO.”


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