115 years of work completed on the KEMH Redevelopment Project

Over a million man hours have been worked on Bermuda’s largest ever construction project. The milestone was revealed in the July Progress Report on the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s (BHB) Acute Care Wing.
BHB President & CEO Venetta Symonds said: “We understand the link this facility has to improving the service provision to all Bermudians. In this economic climate the significance of this project has been magnified because it provides employment for hundreds of Bermudians.
“We are proud that our project has had this impact. Over one million hours of expertise in the building field has been set in concrete, electrical wiring, air conditioning, plumbing and the gamut of trades involved in construction of the new wing. This is a noteworthy accomplishment of both the contractors and the hundreds of people working on the job site.”
The KEMH Redevelopment Project broke ground in January 2011 and is expected to be complete next year. At peak times the project has approximately 400 workers on site, 65 percent of them Bermudian and spouses of Bermudians. In total 1,470 people have worked on the site clocking an impressive 1,059,510 hours.
BHB Redevelopment Director James Campbell said: “We have surpassed the one million man hours mark – the equivalent of almost 115 years. We are not only pleased with the volume of work that has taken place but also its high quality. We pay close attention to ensure the construction is meeting the prescribed international standards. It is our intention to provide the Island with a premiere facility that enables the highest quality of healthcare to be afforded to the community.”


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