Clinical Advisors to KEMH Redevelopment Project to Conduct Research

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces that the Clinical Advisory Team (CAT) to the KEMH Redevelopment Project will conduct “person in the street” and randomised telephone interviews starting Friday 22 May as part of a public consultation process.

This process forms part of a “diagnostic” that is being carried out to gain a full understanding of the way that healthcare services are currently being delivered and to identify the potential for improvement. In addition to the public consultation process, the CAT is also mapping the patient’s journey throughout the hospital, carrying out a review of clinical practice and looking at clinical activity data and information.

The CAT comprises senior clinical leadership and staff from BHB, as well as specialists from the Project’s Clinical Advisor, Mott MacDonald. The CAT’s goal is to develop and set out clinical, patient-focused pathways for the KEMH Redevelopment Project. These pathways will be used by an eventual private partner, in the form of clinical output specifications, to design the hospital facilities and thus will shape the future of acute healthcare delivery in Bermuda.

The goal of the consultation is to give the Bermuda community a voice in this important process.

BHB employees throughout the organisation will have ample opportunities to work with the CAT, and input will also be sought from patient groups, as well as related healthcare agencies and professionals.

Mott MacDonald’s appointment was announced in April 2009. The company has provided consulting, technical services and programme management in the healthcare sector around the world for over 20 years.


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