New Online Applications Process for BHB Jobs

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces a new online application process that makes the whole process of applying for a job at BHB easier, more convenient and much more user-friendly.

Called BHB Jobs NOW, the online system seamlessly integrates and automates the job selection and application process. It provides a completely up-to-date listing of jobs, people can ask to be informed if certain types of jobs are posted, and once they’ve applied they can check on what’s happening to their application at any time. As an added convenience, once people save their applicant details for one job, they can be used for multiple applications thereafter.

Angela Fraser-Stowe, Assistant Director, Human Resources comments: “We are very excited to provide an easier, more convenient and user-friendly way for people to apply for jobs through BHB Jobs NOW. While people could apply on-line before, the application process was not automated. This means their application went into a manual process; BHB Jobs NOW is completely automated. The benefits include being able to use your details for multiple applications, being alerted to new job postings that interest you and being able to check on where your application is as it goes through the recruitment process.”

BHB Jobs NOW went live on Monday 15 March and can be accessed from the BHB website at The link for BHB Jobs NOW can be found in the left hand menu under “Work at BHB” (direct link can also be found at the bottom of this page). The goal is for all applications to be made online, making it an easier process for applicants and also streamlining the process within the Human Resources Department.

“People can apply on any computer that has access to the internet,” adds Kerry Garrigan, Vice President Human Resources. “There are computers available here in the BHB’s Human Resources Department at Montrose Cottage, Berry Hill Road, and in the Health Services Library in King Edward VII Memorial Hospital that people can use and where trained staff are ready to assist if needed.”

Link 1: Link to BHB Jobs NOW


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